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3 Reasons Professional Woodworkers Prefer SawStop

The award-winning SawStop was ranked as Wood Magazine’s top 2018 tool in the 3-hp Cabinet Tablesaw category.  DrillPressView even named it the “Best Cabinet Table Saw for 2019.”  Here are three reasons that professional woodworkers all recognize the superiority of SawStop.

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Industrial Durability

The SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw makes no compromises on the ruggedness and reliability of its design.  This is a machine built to last. Made of cast iron, steel, and aircraft-grade T-6 aluminum, the SawStop PCS has been the heaviest and most powerful 10” table saw in the industry since its debut in 2004.  The robust, thicker-gauge materials provide:

  • High rigidity
  • Low deflection
  • Minimal vibration
  • Maximum stress tolerance

There’s not much more you could ask for in a quality cabinet-making table saw, which is why professional woodworkers of discerning taste prefer SawStop.

Professional Versatility

Right out of the box, SawStop is likely to be perfectly aligned to the exacting specifications of an expert craftsperson. But when you want to make adjustments, SawStop is ready for anything. For example:

  • The turn of a few bolts can realign the pivot-axis design of the blade to infinitesimal precision.  
  • A T-Glide fence is meticulously tunable using an array of bolts and nylon spacers along the fence tube.  
  • Various sizes of anti-kickback pawls freely accommodate the stock of any size, thick to thin.
  • Switching SawStop’s innovative blade guard system over to a riving knife is quick, easy, and tool-free—a few clicks and twists will change out the parts in seconds.

There’s simply no replacement for the accuracy and versatility of professional-grade tools when you’re making cuts for fine woodworking, hardwood flooring, and craftsman cabinetry.  You can even order the SawStop in a variety of professional packages that come equipped to serve your needs—whether you prefer 1.75HP or the heavier duty 3HP, a compact 30” fence system or expansive 52” T-Glide fence.

Legendary Safety

Historically, table saws have been incredibly dangerous.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission reported 33,400 severe table saw injuries in 2015, of which 92% came from contact with the blade.  This led them to the determination that table saws presented “unreasonable risk” of blade-contact injuries.  

Meanwhile, the OSHA estimates over $180,000 in total costs to an employer for a single amputation, which would take over $6 million in new sales to recuperate.  This is simply unacceptable as a standard risk.

Thankfully, there’s a solution. SawStop is the only professional tool that reduces the debilitating injuries common to other cabinet saws—lacerations, nerve damage, amputations, and worse—to nothing more than a band-aid and a new brake cartridge.  

Here’s how it works:

  • A tiny electrical signal is monitored within the blade at all times during operation.
  • This makes it possible for the tool to detect the conductive energy of your body the instant that skin touches the blade.
  • The safety system will then activate and an aluminum brake immediately jams into the whirring blade, bringing it to a complete stop in under five milliseconds!
  • Momentum recoils the blade safely below the table, where it can’t do any more harm.
  • Power to the motor shuts off and any further operation is prevented.

After the saw rescues you from disaster, it’s incredibly easy to restore it to working order.  All you need is a new blade and brake cartridge to reset your saw in less than five minutes.

The SawStop cabinet saw has revolutionized the industry and redefined what it means to be a professional grade table saw.  Through unmatched durability, versatility, and safety, it has earned its reputation as the best table saw for woodworking.

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13 May 2019

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