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New Products: CT 48 AUTOCLEAN, Edge Sanding Guide, Systainer Kit

Remodelers and installers are about to gain access to three powerful new Festool products designed to make their lives easier: the CT 48 AutoClean Remodeler's Dust Extractor, the Edge Sanding Guide, and the latest Systainer Installer’s Set.

These professional-grade products will ship starting October 1st, and the Systainer kit features a special 40% discount versus buying each piece individually—almost $200 in total savings!

Let’s dig a little deeper into the cutting-edge features that make each of these new products—and the accessories that go with them—worth consideration for your shop or job site.

The Remodeler’s Dust Extractor CT 48 AutoClean: A Self-Cleaning HEPA Dust Extractor

The newly designed Festool CT 48 AutoClean is a high-capacity dust extractor with one massive advantage above the average shop vacuum: no clogged filters. This fully HEPA-certified dust extractor comes with an automatic filter-cleaning mechanism, making the CT 48 AutoClean ideal for clearing high volumes of dust on the heaviest duty equipment—track saws, routers, and even tools that pile up troublesome silica dust (OSHA Table 1 silica dust.)

The AUTO CLEAN feature cycles the filter cleaning action and helps the CT’s high-performance turbine keep optimum suction and airflow through the toughest tasks. And don’t worry, the flat filter fully integrates with the suction head so that you can utilize virtually the entire tank capacity.

Between a 137 CFM volume flow and the huge 48 l (12.7 gallons) container, this CT won’t stop—and neither will you! Get used to fewer interruptions and less cleanup than any other Festool kit. With the Festool CT 48 AutoClean dust extractor, you’re getting:

  • High Performance
  • Flexible Mobility
  • Incredible Capacity

CT 48 AutoClean - US Tool and Fastener - ShopFestool

And don’t forget the awesome CT 48 AutoClean accessories and compatible supplies, like:

The Festool CONTURO Edge Bander ebook

The Festool Edge Sanding Guide: A Reliable Finish On Any Edge

Ditch the hand sanding block. With the ergonomic, intuitive Festool Edge Sanding Guide, you can adapt to any edge, angle, or curve with ease. This Festool kit could cut your sanding time in half compared to a hand block. You’ll get flush contact, consistent pressure, and the flawless finish quality you would only expect from a stationary edge-sander - the perfect combo with a new CT 48 AutoClean.

How does the Festool Edge Sanding Guide do it? Simple:

  • Adapts to any edge without tipping or excess sanding. Filled, unfinished, painted, solid wood, square, straight, curved, or angled - it works with all of the above! 
  • Designed for workpieces of any size. Use the Festool Edge Sanding Guide on smaller pieces as well as large, bulky workpieces. Either way, you can save time with quick work. Use soft mode to adapt the angle to the workpiece or hard mode to keep a fixed angle position.
  • Highly compatible, the guide can quickly attach to the 5” Random Orbit Sander ETS 125 REQ as well as the Cordless Sander ETSC 125.

All new Festool products need the right accessories to adapt to the task at hand, and the Festool Edge Sanding Guide has three you’ll love:

The Festool Systainer Installer’s Set: The Turnkey Storage Solution

The Installer’s Set serves every need of a professional installer. Onsite woodworkers need to constantly transport, store and protect all sorts of goods while traveling to and from the job site: tools, accessories, and consumables. Plus, it’s a time-suck to keep it all organized. Not any more. 

You’re getting much more than an empty Systainer 1 Blue. With the included bale-handled, open-top toolbox (extra deep!), a tackle-box style SYS Storage Box, and a highly portable SYS-MFT worktop, this is a complete “turnkey” storage solution. This Festool set even comes bundled with extra container boxes in the organizer and two ratcheting quick-clamps to use on the unit’s 13 clamping points.

Work faster, spend less time digging, and carry it everywhere with ease! With our CT 48 with AUTOCLEAN, Edge Sanding Guide, & Systainer Kit Savings, we have all your sanding needs covered. You can’t go wrong with these specialized new Festool products—but really, is it ever possible to go wrong with a Festool?

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The Festool CONTURO Edge Bander ebook

05 August 2020

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