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Festool Spring 2023 - Sjobergs, Tormek, Powermatic, GRK, SawStop - ShopUSTF

Get Ready for Festool's 2023 Lineup With USTF's Product Guide

The first new Festool 2023 products are here! Before you upgrade your workshop, you should learn about each new tool to see where it can fit into your toolkit. We've prepared a comprehensive product guide to help you decide which tools are right for you.

Keep reading to learn how Festool's catalog of spring and summer tools can upgrade your workshop!


1. Kapex KSC 60 Cordless Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Festool Spring 2023 Launch - Sjobergs, Tormek, Powermatic, GRK, SawStop - ShopUSTF

Experience the cutting-edge technology of the new Kapex KSC 60 cordless sliding compound miter saw, designed to deliver unbeatable precision and endurance throughout your workday. With its exceptional features and intelligent design, this tool sets a new standard in miter saws.

Equipped with miter angles of up to 60° on each side and bevel angles of up to 47°, this miter saw opens up a vast range of applications. It combines power and endurance with its brushless EC-TEC motor and dual battery system, providing virtually unlimited cutting capacity throughout the workday. Despite its robust performance, the Kapex KSC 60 remains mobile and ergonomic, featuring a lightweight and compact design for easy transportation and convenient handles for effortless maneuverability.

Key Features:

  • Unrivaled precision with a twin-column guide for flawless saw blade guidance
  • Versatility with miter angles up to 60° and bevel angles up to 47°
  • Powered by a brushless EC-TEC motor and dual battery system for enduring performance
  • Lightweight and compact design for easy transportation and mobile use
  • Adaptability with various saw blades and speed preselection for optimal cutting performance
  • Chip collection bag for low-dust work without a mobile dust extractor
  • Bevel function for creative possibilities and LED spotlight for enhanced visibility
  • Extension table for stable support of longer workpieces
  • User-friendly with precise scale, locking positions, and easy-to-use clamp
  • Convenient spindle stop for effortless saw blade changes

Main Applications:

  • Perfect for mobile use in assembly applications
  • Effortlessly cuts boards and panels up to 305 x 60 mm
  • Trim strips, profiles, and square timber up to 60 mm thick
  • Achieve precise angled adjustments for skirting boards and cornices without complex calculations in combination with the bevel function.

Standard Package Includes:

  • Angle transfer device
  • Chip collection bad
  • Elevation feet
  • A hex key, WAF 6
  • HW universal saw blade W 36
  • LED spotlight
  • Screw Clamp, 4-11/16"


  • Weight 38.14 LBs (17.3 kg)
  • Dimensions ( L x W x H) 25-5/32" x 18-1/16" x 17-13/32" (639 x 459 x 442 mm)
  • Saw blade diameter 8-1/2" (216mm)
  • Dust extraction connection diameter 1-1/16" / 1-2/5" (27/36 mm)


2. CTC Midi Dust Extractor

Festool Spring 2023 Launch - Sjobergs, Tormek, Powermatic, GRK, SawStop - ShopUSTF

Festool's CTC MIDI Dust Extractor is now available in a portable and convenient design. Despite its compact and lightweight construction, this unit boasts ample capacity for common job site tasks.

Navigating obstacles in the shop or on the worksite is a breeze, thanks to its large wheels and double casters. With a noise level as low as 62 dB on the low setting and a powerful 109 CFM suction, this dust extractor swiftly eliminates large amounts of debris while keeping noise to a minimum. It is certified as a full-unit HEPA dust extractor, ensuring clean and healthy air.

Key Features:

  • Built-In Bluetooth capabilities enable seamless connectivity and control.
  • The new smooth tapered hose design, tapering from 32mm at the vacuum to 27mm at the tool, enhances suction performance for optimal dust extraction.
  • The SYS-Dock with T-Loc Function allows for easy and secure stacking and connection of Festool Systainers.
  • Touch Operation for Auto/Manual and Suction Control ensures effortless control and adjustment of the dust extraction process.
  • Equipped with a HEPA filter that efficiently removes 99.99% of particulates down to 0.3 microns. The filter can be quickly and easily replaced outside without needing tools.
  • Manual Cleaning allows easy maintenance, as the main filter can be cleaned from outside the machine.
  • Integrated Cord Wrap ensures tidy cable management and easy storage.
  • Self-Cleaning Filter Bag with a collapsible design eliminates dust cake between cycles, providing sustained suction force and extending bag life.
  • Automatic tool start and adjustable suction offer smooth start-up and customizable airflow control, optimizing dust control efficiency.
  • A convenient carry handle with an ergonomic design makes maneuvering the Dust Extractor effortless, even in tight spaces.
  • Foot Brake with a quick on/off function prevents roll-off during usage or transportation, ensuring safety and stability.
  • Antistatic Hose, a standard feature in all CT Dust Extractors, prevents static buildup for a safer working environment.
  • Automatic Water Level Sensor detects the fluid level during wet applications, automatically switching off the Dust Extractor when the container is full.
  • Mobility is made easy with its manageable size, integrated recessed handle, and casters, allowing for hassle-free transportation and stair climbing.

Main Applications:

  • Perfect for woodworking and construction applications that require efficient dust extraction.
  • Ideal for mobile use in various settings, such as workshops, job sites, and assembly applications.
  • Excellent for cutting boards, panels, and trim materials, ensuring a clean and dust-free work environment.
  • Enables precise angled adjustments for skirting boards, cornices, and other trim elements without the hassle of dust calculations.
  • Essential for maintaining a healthy and dust-free workspace, promoting better air quality, and minimizing health risks associated with dust particles.

Standard Package Includes:

  • Smooth suction hose dia. 27/32 x 3.5 m AS/CTR
  • Cord Wrap for neat cable management
  • Hose Garage for secure storage
  • (1) Self-Cleaning Filter Bag
  • Note: The cleaning kit and sanding tools shown in the pictures are not included
  • HEPA Filtration helps to ensure compliance with best practices as directed by OSHA and the EPA
  • CT-F l extractor remote control for convenient operation


  • 4.0 Gallon (15 L) Capacity provides ample space for debris collection
  • Dimensions: 21-5/8” x 12-5/8” x 19-1/2” (compact and portable)
  • Filter Bag Capacity: 3.3 gal for extended use before replacement
  • Filter Type: 1 Micron for efficient dust separation
  • Max Suction Force: 109 CFM for powerful debris extraction
  • Noise Level: 62 - 72 db(A) ensures a quieter working environment
  • Static Water Lift: 76" for effective liquid extraction
  • Weight: 30 lbs (with 2x batteries), lightweight and easy to carry


3. SYS3 Systainer

Festool Spring 2023 Launch - Sjobergs, Tormek, Powermatic, GRK, SawStop - ShopUSTF

Stay organized and have your accessories readily available for any application with the SYS3 Systainer featuring a convenient lid compartment. This intelligently designed storage solution ensures that you always have the right tools at your fingertips.

The transparent lid allows for quick visual identification of contents, while the adjustable partitions enable customizable compartmentalization to accommodate items like long drill bits, saw blades, and small parts. The lid compartment is also compatible with BKS SYS3 bit cassettes and drill bit cases, providing seamless integration and easy removal.

Key Features:

  • Clear and organized storage of small parts in a transparent lid compartment.
  • Maximum flexibility with adjustable partitions, allowing for customized compartment sizes.
  • Lid compartment compatibility with BKS SYS3 bit cassettes and drill bit cases.
  • Not suitable for Systainer T-LOC bit cassettes and drill bit cases.
  • Bit and drill bit cases for lid compartments can be used separately.
  • Compatibility with the entire Festool Systainer system, ensuring easy connectivity and transport.

Main Applications:

  • Perfect for storing and organizing small parts in the lid compartment.
  • Seamless connection to different Systainer generations and transport systems.
  • Compatible with mobile dust extractors for a comprehensive and efficient workspace.
  • Enables efficient organization, a clear overview, and a professional appearance.

Simply Practical

The transparent lid compartment provides dedicated space for small parts and accessories. Customize the compartments according to your needs and easily incorporate corresponding bit and drill bit cases. The rest of your tools and equipment can be securely housed in the Systainer³, including machines and hand tools, ensuring a comprehensive storage solution.

100% Mobile

From your stationary workshop to your work location, the Systainer³ offers effortless mobility. Seamlessly integrate Systainer³ products into bott vehicle equipment for simplified transportation.

Systems That Deliver

Systainers with lid compartments are compatible with all Systainer generations and mobile dust extractors. The internal dimensions of Systainers with lid compartments match those of Systainer³ M models, allowing for the use of existing inlays without any hassle.

Machine Below, Accessories Above

The SYS3 Systainer featuring a lid compartment makes your essential accessories neatly stored and easily accessible. The transparent lid provides a clear view of the contents, ensuring efficient workflow.

Flexible Separation

Customize the compartment sizes using the adjustable partitions provided. Whether you need to store long drills or small parts, everything can be neatly organized within the Systainer.

Convenient Access to Drills and Bits

Equip the lid compartment with compatible bit and drill bit cases, which can be effortlessly removed and used independently.

Ergonomic Transportation

The front carrying handle allows for comfortable and ergonomic transport, positioning the Systainer close to your body for easy portability.


4. TCL6 Duo Rapid Charging Set

Festool Spring 2023 Launch - Sjobergs, Tormek, Powermatic, GRK, SawStop - ShopUSTF

With the TCL 6 DUO Rapid Charger, you can conveniently charge two battery packs simultaneously, providing ample power for tools with a 2 x 18 V dual battery system. This adds convenience and minimizes downtime since both batteries will be ready for use simultaneously.

Compatible with a wide range of voltage classes, including 10.8 V, 14.4 V, and 18 V battery packs (excluding BP-XS for CXS/TXS 10.8 V), this charger offers versatility for various applications. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for extra outlets on job sites. Charge both batteries simultaneously and quickly return to work at full power. The charger features two separate LED indicators, providing a clear overview of the charge status for each battery.

Key Features:

  • Ideal for tools with an 18 V dual battery system, enabling quick simultaneous charging of two battery packs.
  • Compatible with a range of voltage classes, including 10.8 V, 14.4 V, and 18 V battery packs (excluding BP-XS for CXS/TXS 10.8 V).
  • Separate LED display for each charging slot, ensuring easy charge status monitoring.
  • Neat and organized storage with a cord holder on the housing and a wall-mounting device.
  • Designed for charging two Li-ion battery packs simultaneously.

Main Applications:

  • Conveniently charge two battery packs simultaneously for tools with an 18 V dual battery system.
  • Compatible with 10.8 V, 14.4 V, and 18 V battery packs, ensuring flexibility for various tool models.
  • Minimize downtime and increase productivity with simultaneous charging, eliminating the need for multiple cycles.
  • Keep your workspace tidy with a cord holder and wall-mounting options for easy access to chargers and batteries.

Standard Package Includes:

  • BP 18 Li 4.0 ASI battery pack (2)
  • TCL 6 DUO rapid charger (1)
  • SYS3 M 187

Minimize Downtime with Dual Battery Charging

The TCL 6 DUO Rapid Charger allows for the simultaneous charging of two battery packs, eliminating the need for an extra charger and power outlet. This streamlined charging process saves time and simplifies workflow, whether you're on a job site or in a workshop.

Versatile Compatibility with Various Voltage Classes

Suitable for a wide range of battery packs across the 10.8 V, 14.4 V, and 18 V classes, including Li-HighPower Compact battery packs, handy Ergo battery packs, and all AIRSTREAM variants (excluding BP-XS for CXS/TXS 10.8 V). Enjoy the flexibility of charging different battery types with one reliable charger.

Clear Charge Status Visibility

The TCL 6 DUO Rapid Charger features separate LED indicators for each charging slot. These indicators provide real-time updates on the charge status of each battery pack, allowing you to monitor the progress at a glance.

Efficient and Tidy Storage Solution

Keep your workspace organized with the cord holder integrated into the charger's housing. Additionally, a wall-mounting device ensures secure and space-saving storage when the charger is not in use.

Try out the convenience of simultaneous dual battery charging with Festool's revolutionary design. Streamline your workflow, reduce downtime, and keep your tools powered up for uninterrupted productivity.


5. TS 60 KEB Plunge-Cut Saw

Festool Summer 2023 Launch - Shaper Origin, Sjobergs workbench, Festool accessories, Festool, SawStop - ShopUSTF

Festool's plunge-cut saws have revolutionized the industry for decades, and the TS 60 K is no exception. This saw boasts the unique Kickback Stop feature, which protects your workpiece and reduces the risk of injuries in the blink of an eye. With seamless coordination with the entire Festool saw system and a cutting depth of up to 2-7/16" (62 mm), the TS 60 K is the most versatile saw of its kind, guaranteeing premium work results.

Whether making miter cuts or working on solid worktops, this saw delivers exceptional results. The TS 60 K can now be combined with the cross-cutting guide rail, making it a portable and easy-to-use compound miter saw system for precise angle cutting in just a few steps. The compact plunge-cut saw is equipped with the latest-generation brushless EC-TEC motor, making it incredibly robust, powerful, and precise. It cuts through materials like a hot knife through butter, delivering unparalleled precision, flexibility, and cutting quality while enhancing safety.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Safety: The unique Kickback Stop protects your workpiece and minimizes the risk of injury caused by kickback during sawing or plunge-cutting.
  • Deeper Cutting Depth: With a 2-7/16" (62 mm) cutting depth, the TS 60 KEB offers greater depth while maintaining a compact design.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with Festool guide rails, including the FSK cross-cutting guide rails, for precise and repeatable cuts.
  • Powerful Performance: Equipped with a brushless EC-TEC motor, the TS 60 KEB delivers high cutting speeds and superior cutting quality effortlessly.
  • Convenient Operation: Features like FastFix spindle stop and transparent sliding viewing window ensure easy saw blade changes and optimal visibility.

Main Applications:

  • Precise plunge cuts in materials up to 2-7/16" (62 mm) thick
  • Cutting interior doors to length using a guide rail and circular saw
  • Creating recesses in doors and kitchen worktops
  • Efficiently cutting chipboard, veneered panels, and plastic-coated panels
  • Cross-cuts using the FSK cross-cutting guide rail for floor panels, slats, and boards
  • Manufacturing expansion joints in parquet flooring and false joints

Standard Package Includes:

  • WOOD FINE CUT HW 168 x 1.8 x 20 WD42 circular saw blade
  • Sight Window
  • Splinter Guard
  • Hex Key 5 mm
  • Systainer SYS3 M 337


  • Weight: 10.58 lbs (4.8 kg)
  • Max. Cutting Depth at 45°: 1-3/4" (45 mm)
  • Saw Blade Diameter: 6-5/8" (168 mm)
  • Angular Range: -1° to 47°
  • Cutting Depth at 0°: to 2-7/16” (0 - 62 mm)
  • Dust Extraction Connection Diameter: 1-1/16"/1-7/16" (27/36 mm)
  • Power Consumption: 1,500 watts
  • Idle Engine Speed: 3,000 - 6,800 RPM


6. RG 130 ECI Diamond Grinder

Festool Summer 2023 Launch - Shaper Origin, Sjobergs workbench, Festool accessories, Festool, SawStop - ShopUSTF

Health and efficiency go hand in hand with the RG 130 ECI-Plus. Combined with the CT 36 AC HEPA or CT 48 AC HEPA mobile dust extractor, this grinder ensures low dust levels during work, creating a clean and healthy environment for you and your customers. The CT-VA pre-separator is the perfect addition for high-volume dust situations, maintaining a flawlessly clean workplace. Unleash the power of the EC-TEC motor and experience unmatched material removal capacity. The RG 130 ECI-Plus delivers consistently high performance, allowing you to achieve perfect substrate preparation quickly.

Say goodbye to dust concerns with the RG 130 ECI-Plus. Pair it with the CTM 36 AC RENOFIX mobile dust extractor and CT-VA pre-separator to enjoy excellent dust extraction, resulting in a dust-free work area that promotes optimal health and customer satisfaction. The brushless EC-TEC motor ensures reliable power, providing a long service life and efficient performance without the risk of overheating or forced shutdowns. No matter the task, the RG 130 ECI-Plus is adaptable to every application and material. Swap out diamond discs effortlessly, allowing you to tackle any project easily.

Key Features:

  • Unrivaled Power: The brushless EC-TEC motor ensures efficient operation and high material removal capacity, allowing fast progress.
  • Dependable Performance: The surface-restoration grinder works without overheating or interruptions, thanks to its exceptional power.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Enjoy complete coverage with Festool Service, fully covered upon registration within 30 days of purchase.
  • Adjustable Speed: The speed is flexibly adjustable from 2200 to 6500 rpm, while the brushless EC-TEC motor maintains constant speed even at lower stages.
  • Perfect Dust Extraction: Achieve outstanding dust extraction by combining with the CTM 36 AC RENOFIX mobile dust extractor.
  • Convenient Bluetooth® Connection: The extractor can start automatically when the RG 130 ECI is connected to another power source via Bluetooth®.
  • Versatile Sanding: The brush segment allows sanding right up to the wall, offering maximum flexibility.
  • Enhanced Safety: The guide table provides steady guidance, and the removal height is easily adjustable.

Main Applications:

  • Specialized for diamond tools
  • Ideal for material removal during renovation and restoration projects
  • Removes concrete, screed, and coatings from tough sub-surfaces
  • Suitable for large areas or selective applications on walls, ceilings, and floors
  • The perfect tool for every application and material

Standard Package Includes:

  • Front Handle
  • Flange Set
  • Key KF-AG
  • Hook-and-Loop Fastener
  • Systainer SYS3 L 237


  • Power Consumption: 1,600 W
  • Idle Engine Speed: 2,200 - 6,500 min⁻¹
  • Tool Holder: D25/M14
  • Tool Diameter: 130 mm
  • Dust Extraction Connection Diameter: 36 mm


7. GHS 25 I Ear Protection Earbuds

Festool Summer 2023 Launch - Shaper Origin, Sjobergs workbench, Festool accessories, Festool, SawStop - ShopUSTF

Introducing the Festool GHS 25 I Ear Protection Earbuds - your reliable companion for safety and communication. These small, lightweight, and convenient cordless Bluetooth® earplugs are designed for professionals like you.

Protecting your ears from excessive noise while you work, these earbuds also offer the convenience of making phone calls and listening to your favorite music with exceptional sound quality. With a built-in noise-isolating microphone and Bluetooth® 5.2 technology, these earplugs keep you connected and productive in noisy environments.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Conversation Mode: Engage in communication with your colleagues without removing the ear protection.
  • Communicative Bluetooth® 5.2: Enjoy true wireless technology for seamless connectivity.
  • Multifunctional Noise-Isolating Microphone: Experience clear phone calls even in noisy environments.
  • Convenient Touch Control: Effortlessly control the ear protection with touch gestures.
  • Long Battery Life: Enjoy up to 13 hours of continuous use, with an additional 25 hours provided by recharging in the included charging case.
  • Robust IP67 Protection: Dust, water, and sweat-resistant for reliable performance in demanding work environments.
  • Effective Noise Reduction: Provides 25 dB (NRR) / 32 dB (SNR) noise reduction for optimal hearing protection.
  • Multifunctional Professional Ear Protection: Ideal for listening to music and making phone calls while protecting your ears.

Main Applications:

  • The perfect companion for the construction site, workshop, and free time
  • Protects ears from harmful noise
  • Multifunctional, professional ear protection, also for listening to music and making phone calls
  • Cordless in-ear hearing protection with Bluetooth® 5.2
  • Suppresses background noise – for undisturbed telephone calls even in noisy environments

Standard Package Includes:

  • Charging case
  • USB charging cable
  • 7 pairs of earplugs (various sizes)


  • Charging port: USB-C
  • Bluetooth® standard: V5.2
  • Max. Bluetooth® range: 10 m
  • Max. volume: 79 dB
  • Battery life" 13 hr
  • Battery life incl. recharging in the charging case: 38 hr
  • Noise Reduction Rating 25 dB (NRR) / 32 dB (SNR)


8. Planex Abrasive Systainer

Festool Summer 2023 Launch - Shaper Origin, Sjobergs workbench, Festool accessories, Festool, SawStop - ShopUSTF

Festool's latest Abrasives Systainer is the ultimate storage solution for all your abrasives, sandpaper, and sensitive accessories. Designed to keep your abrasives neatly organized, efficiently protected against moisture, and always within reach, this systainer is a game-changer for achieving ideal results quickly and conveniently.

Rest assured that your abrasives will be effectively shielded from dust, spray water, and temperature changes within the robust Systainer³. This all-around protection ensures the longevity of your abrasives and maintains their optimal performance. With the Planex Abrasive Systainer, your tools are protected and perfectly organized in your workshop, during transportation, or on the construction site. This professional and organized presentation leaves a lasting impression on your customers, showcasing your commitment to quality and attention to detail.

Key Features:

  • Carefully Sorted Abrasives: The systainer features five compartments allowing clear and organized storage of all your new and reusable abrasives.
  • Quick Accessibility: With the abrasives stored in dedicated compartments, you can easily locate and access the specific abrasive you need, saving you valuable time during your work process.
  • T-LOC Fastening System: The T-LOC mechanism enables effortless opening, closing, and connecting with other Systainers, providing secure and convenient storage and transport.

Main Applications:

  • Permanent organization and clear overview of your abrasives
  • Significant time and effort savings in movement and expense
  • Simple and compact transport of your abrasives
  • Provides a professional appearance to impress your customers

Standard Package Includes:

  • Festool Planex Abrasive Systainer
  • Insert for abrasives with a diameter of 225 mm


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Festool's 2023 catalog has the cutting, charging, storage, and cleanup needed to keep your workshop in peak condition. You can check out the new spring and summer lineup here while supplies last or try them in person at our Worcester, MA, location.

Do you have any questions about ordering? Contact us for a demo, and we'll book you for a live demonstration at our US Tool and Fastener store. You can check out our top tools, including Sjobergs workbenches, Powermatic drill presses, Tormek sharpeners, GRK fasteners, SawStop table saws, and more.

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