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Get Maximum Savings On These 3 Amazing JET Woodworking Tools at USTF

JET woodworking tools are in the house. We're excited to announce our holiday promotions for our entire JET catalog - complete with exciting rebate opportunities for maximum savings!

Here are three…

15th Nov 2022

Try Out the Next Generation of Premium Powermatic Tools From USTF

We're excited to continue offering the next generation of high-performance Powermatic tools in the US Tool and Fastener store. Powermatic has long been known for mechanical elegance, innovation, and…

14th Nov 2022

Upgrade Your Festool Tools with TSO Products for Peak Efficiency

Festool's reputation is unparalleled in the world of craftsman tools. We've previously written about the phenomenal advantages of tools like their TS 55 REQ Track Saw and Domino DF 500 Joiner. How…

07th Oct 2022

It's Workbench Nation Week!

It's Workbench Nation Week at US Tool and Fastener! Starting today, Sept. 19th, and running through Sunday, Sept. 25th, you can earn up to 5% back in Workbench Nation Rewards points when you shop…

19th Sep 2022

How the Festool Conturo Delivers the Perfect Edge, On-Site and In-Shop

The Festool Conturo is Festool’s answer to a glaring chasm in the edge bander market: that gap between cheap, handheld edge-banding tools and expensive, industrial-grade stationary edge bander…

14th Sep 2022

Compare All 3 Models of Festool Rotex Sanders: RO 90, 125, & 150

The three sanders in the Rotex family are not your standard Festool sanders. For typical finish sanding jobs, a lighter tool like the Festool ETS 125 or 150 would be an excellent, high-quality…

08th Aug 2022

3 Reasons the Shaper Origin Is Top-of-Class Among Handheld CNC Routers

The Shaper Origin CNC router is one of the most innovative woodworking machines on the market. With its highly intuitive design, powerhouse capabilities, and portability, it’s truly in a class by…

11th Jul 2022

Try Before You Buy: Demo the Festool TS 55 FEQ Track Saw with ShopUSTF

Contractors and remodelers are using traditional circular saws and table saws less often on the job site. Track saws like the Festool TS 55 FEQ have continued to take over the niche they used to…

06th Jun 2022

The Ultimate Guide to GRK Fasteners for Professional Remodelers

Looking for GRK screws and GRK fasteners? Choosing the correct fasteners for an application can be the difference between a project that stands strong for years to come and one that loosens and falls…

17th May 2022

Conquer the Mess With These Festool Dust Extractor Accessories

Looking for a Festool dust extractor comparison? Festool dust extraction is the best in the business for a reason — and it doesn’t stop with the Festool CTs. You can conquer any mess in the shop with…

12th Apr 2022
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