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Breaking Down the Festool Pro Remodeler Pack

Our Festool 205605 Pro Remodeler Pack is a quality collection of Festool products at an attractive bundle price.  This arsenal of cordless tools will make quick work of job site projects for your…

24th Nov 2020

3 Reasons the Shaper Origin is Top-of-Class Among Handheld CNC Routers

The Shaper Origin CNC router is one of the most innovative woodworking machines on the market right now. With its highly intuitive design, powerhouse capabilities, and portability, it’s truly in a…

09th Nov 2020

How the Festool Conturo Delivers the Perfect Edge, On-Site and In-Shop

The Conturo was Festool’s answer to a glaring chasm in the edge bander market: that gap between cheap, handheld edge-banding tools and expensive, industrial-grade stationary edge bander machines.…

05th Nov 2020

Cutting, Sanding, and Scraping With the Fein Cordless MultiMaster Tool

Your favorite Fein MultiMaster tool has gone cordless. But how does it fare with a couple of 2.5 Ah batteries (18 V li-ion) instead of the cord? 

30th Oct 2020

Tips, Tricks, and Cool Joinery Projects for the Festool Domino DF 500

At first glance, the small, lightweight Festool Domino DF 500 vaguely resembles a simple biscuit joiner. Don’t be fooled. Tim Snyder of Woodcraft Magazine says the Domino is “in a class by itself.”

30th Oct 2020

Compare All 3 Models of Festool Rotex Sanders: RO 90, 125, & 150

The three sanders in the Rotex family are not your standard Festool sanders. For typical finish sanding jobs, a lighter tool like the Festool ETS 125 or 150 would be an excellent, high-quality…

28th Oct 2020

How USTF Chooses the Tools We Carry: The Right Tool for the Right Job

At US Tool & Fastener, we pride ourselves on offering the very best woodworking tools. Our customers enjoy a hand-curated selection of top woodshop tools and equipment from leading brands—no…

01st Oct 2020

What’s the Best Bora Miter Saw Stand? Compare 4 Versatile Options.

Bora makes a collection of miter saw stands to suit the needs of workshops, on-site contractors, and DIY garage craftsmen alike.  The best miter saw stand for you will depend upon your priorities.…

01st Oct 2020

Compare CNC Router Bit Sets: Shaper Origin vs. Amana Spektra

Anyone using a CNC router like the Shaper Origin will have plenty of CNC router bit sets to choose from.  Fortunately, Shaper’s own Shaper Origin bits are premium cutters that rarely need…

01st Oct 2020

We Highly Recommend These 4 SawStop PCS Accessories!

SawStop Professional Cabinet Saws already comes loaded with a cutting edge fence system, cast-iron table, and industry-leading safety technology—among many other features. What more could you ask…

01st Oct 2020