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SawStop accessories

We Highly Recommend These 4 SawStop PCS Accessories!

SawStop Professional Cabinet Saws already come loaded with a cutting-edge fence system, cast-iron table, and industry-leading safety technology—among many other features. What more could you want? Well, these 4 SawStop PCS accessories can help you get even more out of the SawStop Professional Cabinet Saws.

1. The Sliding Crosscut Table AttachmentSawStop PCS Accessories - Sliding Crosscut Table Attachment

Three out of the four major models of SawStop—Contractor, Professional, and Industrial—are compatible with this gorgeous micro-adjustable crosscut attachment.  

It’s bigger and better than the competing alternatives (15% larger, extending past 58”!). You’ll love the magnifying lenses on the hefty, scale-marked flip-stops that give you the most accurate cuts possible on straight or mitered work out of all SawStop PCS accessories. Adjust it with ease to fit every miter up to 60 degrees.

2. The Industrial Saw Mobile Base (with PCS Conversion Kit!)SawStop PCS Accessories - Industrial Saw Mobile Base

It’s not often you can make heavy equipment this maneuverable. Say goodbye to competitor saws' flimsy wheel brakes and skid marks with this high-performance mobile base for the SawStop Industrial or Professional models. 

The assembly comes packed with a kit to convert it for use with a Professional Cabinet Saw, so owners of either can enjoy the 360-degree stationary rotation of the four high-performance, full-ball-bearing casters (with non-marking polyurethane wheels!). This base is stout and simple—it lifts and bears up to 1000 lbs. with three pumps of the hydraulic-piston-assisted foot pedal. 

3. The Folding Outfeed TableSawStop PCS Accessories - Folding Outfeed Table

Every mobile-based, cast iron SawStop table will work with this quick-stowing outfeed table in powder-coated black steel. 

The three strategically-placed roller bars give you a generous 250 lb. capacity with optimum glide for the heaviest work. This design has four priorities in mind: capacity, adjustability, mobility, and ease. 

4. The Large Format Sliding TableSawStop PCS Accessories - Large Format Sliding Table

Industrial wood shops will fall in love with the wild 118” max rip capacity (when front-mounted) and max crosscut of 70” on this unparalleled SawStop sliding table. 

The rigid steel frame was designed specifically for industrial shops' exacting demands that regularly cut larger stock. The fourteen sealed steel bearings will give you silk-smooth glide and make any volume of sheet goods into easy, precise work.

These 4 SawStop PCS accessories take a cutting-edge cabinet saw and upgrade it with even more maneuverability, strength, and versatility than the impressive base models!

Interested in SawStop accessories or award-winning models of the SawStop cabinet saw? Check out our vast selection of combination packages and individual SawStop parts in our online store at US Tool and Fastener!

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