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Bora miter saw stand

What’s the Best Bora Miter Saw Stand? Compare 4 Versatile Options.

Bora makes a collection of miter saw stands to suit the needs of workshops, on-site contractors, and DIY garage craftsmen alike.  The best miter saw stand for you will depend upon your priorities. Do you need impressive capacity and conveniences like a vise or power strip? Something more compact that will fit in a tight workspace? A mobile miter saw stand that packs up small and sets up quick? There’s a Bora miter saw stand for everyone.

Consider these four versatile miter saw stand options from Bora:

1. The Bora Miter Saw Stand (PM-4000)

This folding, portable miter saw stand is just as easy to set up in the driveway as it is to work on all day on the job site. Bora offers some of the lightest miter saw stands on the market, but it’s still up to the rigors of heavy work with its durable tubular steel and aluminum construction. The comfortable 36” work height can support up to 500 lbs. and can mount tools like miter saws, band saws, scroll saws, planers, and more. And when you’re finished, simply fold up the snap pin legs and store it until you need it again.

2. The Bora Deluxe Miter Saw Stand (PM-7000I)

Bora’s deluxe model withstands rough handling and supports larger goods (up to 16’ in length) with stability. In addition to the base model’s impressive 500lb. capacity, the deluxe includes lumber storage supports on its front legs, a convenient vise, a work light, and even a 4-outlet power strip (100v) and 8” wheels. It’s the Bora miter saw stand to pick if you want all the conveniences, including the portable snap legs of its smaller cousin.

3. The Bora Portacube Workstation (PM-8000)

If you’d rather an option on wheels, try the PM-8000 Portacube STR Miter Saw Workstation. This mobile Bora miter saw stand packs tight in storage and can roll wherever you need—even through standard 32” door openings—with its 10” wheels. Just wheel it to the work area and open up the extension wings and enjoy up to 7 feet of workspace. It also comes with adjustable tool tables (2” to 4.5” height) that match your miter saw’s height.

4. The Bora Centipede

This is the ultimate DIY portable miter saw stand. The expanding design works a lot like a pop-up tent. Pull out the corners, and in seconds a narrow bundle of struts becomes a flexible custom indoor or outdoor workspace that supports immense weight. Just use some of your project material as a tabletop (a partial or whole plywood sheet works great). Bora makes four different sizes of the centipede to suit your needs.

The durable polymer P-Tops of this Bora miter saw stand have 360-degrees of spin and accommodate all Centipede® accessories. Most models come with several X-Cups, quick clamps, and a carry bag to keep it all together.

Choose from any of these mobile miter saw stand options, or browse the rest of our Bora accessories at US Tool & Fastener!

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01 October 2020

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