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Conquer the Mess With These Festool Dust Extractor Accessories

The Festool dust extraction is the best in the business for a reason — and it doesn’t stop with the CTs themselves. You can conquer any mess in the shop with the right affixements and complementary pieces to suit the task at hand. The Festool dust extractor accessories listed below are your ticket to a perfectly engineered cleanliness system, whether you work in the garage, in the workshop, or on location at a customer’s property.


Festool CT Cyclone CT-VA-20

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a CT 26, 36, or 48 — the CT Cyclone combines with them all (with or without Autoclean). You’ll increase the lifespan of your filter bags and filters with a CT Cyclone installed, since it collects and removes larger dust and debris before it hogs space in the filter bag or clogs the filter. The whole unit fits easily within your Festool SYSTAINER modular storage system for secure storage or tasks on-the-go.

Festool Cleaning Sets

These sets cater to the specific needs of installers, workshops, industrial locations, and more. Pick the set that’s just right for your workspace and the tasks you handle most.

  • Festool Workshop Cleaning Set: If you work in a commercial environment such as a shop or industrial setting, this set gives you the rugged durability of stainless steel extension tubs, and aluminum industrial floor nozzle, and a sleeved antistatic hose. The curved hand tube also provides convenient reach for tough tasks. Compatible with CT 26, CT 36, CT 48, CT 36 AutoClean.
  • Festool Tradesperson / Installer Cleaning Set: With this set, you’ve got everything you need to handle cleanup in both residential and commercial job sites. It includes a SYSTAINER (generation 3) for easy transport and a versatile selection of multi-purpose nozzles for crevices, upholstery, floor, and brush suction.
  • down_s_d2736krs_203430_z_01a__57469.1609173729Festool Compact Cleaning Set: Just need a quick cleanup? This compact set includes lightweight, fast-affixing nozzles and tubes for rapid dust collection in workshops and on the jobsite. A 3-piece extension tube provides extra reach for out-of-the-way places. Compatible with CT Mini, CT Midi, CT 26, CT 36, CT 48, CT 36 AutoClean.
  • down_s_gsrs_454770_z_01a__46389.1633544216Festool Industrial Cleaning Set: There’s no job too tough for the oversized industrial-grade attachments and large diameter tubes/hose in this Industrial Cleaning set. Tackle the heaviest cleanup jobs quickly and clear larger debris without clogging these rugged Festool dust extractor accessories.

Festool Bluetooth Remote Set


Your CLEANTEC mobile dust extractor can eliminate the runaround and start from a distance when fitted with an easy-to-setup Bluetooth module. Fire it up with the remote control and save yourself a trip over to the CT unit, even when it’s in AUTO mode. It’s compatible with the CT 26, CT 36, CT 36 AC, and CT 48, and can also communicate with the new Bluetooth battery packs, so that even a cordless tool can start up the dust extractor automatically as soon as the tool is switched on.

Need a CT to use with your Festool dust extractor accessories? No problem! Browse our extensive collection of Festool CTs at the US Tool and Fastener online shop and find the model with the size and features that are right for you.

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23 September 2021

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