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Kreg jig pocket hole system

Craft Smarter Pocket Hole Joinery With the New Kreg 720 & 720Pro

Two recent entries into the Kreg pocket hole jig lineup are bringing next-level efficiency to project workstations. With the release of the KPHJ720 and KPHJ720Pro—both of which benefit from the new Automaxx clamping—Kreg has redefined the top quality tools for pocket hole joinery. Let’s explore how the latest Kreg pocket hole jigs are making things better in the garage as well as the woodshop.

The Kreg 720 Pocket Hole Jig

The KPHJ720 is the base model of the new Kreg design, and it’s a real premium addition to the Kreg pocket hole system. Here are three of its best features:

Automaxx One-Motion Clamping

This is the premier innovation of the 720 line. Unlike previous free motion jigs, the new Kreg 720 will automatically clamp and adjust to material thickness on workpieces anywhere from ½” to 1-½” thick for a snug, accurate pocket hole every time. You just press the handle to adjust the clamping pressure and the KPHJ720 does the rest. The GripMaxx anti-slip grip provides extra security by ensuring that the material won’t shift during the work.

Automatic Chip Ejection

The port on the side of the main drilling assembly gives you a smarter way to deal with dust, shavings, and messes. Simply hook in a hose to your shop vacuum with the dust collection attachment and the chip ejection port keeps both the workpiece and your tabletop perfectly clear through hours of work.

The Perfect Drilled Hole

The hardened-steel drill guides keep your bit perfectly aligned and prevent any degradation to the unit over time.  Meanwhile, the Kreg720 is compatible with Plug Cutter and Micro Drill Guide Blocks for additional functionality and accuracy, if you should be so inclined. And don’t worry about losing your focus while searching for and changing out bits or drivers between pieces. The on-board storage keeps everything close at hand so that you can keep your attention where it matters—on the work.

The Kreg 720Pro Pocket Hole Jig

In addition to the advantages above, the KPHJ720Pro goes bigger and better with a few cutting edge workstation conveniences and extra expendables.

A Full Pocket Hole Workstation

When you invest in the more advanced Kreg 720Pro, you’ll also get a full Docking Station accessory that transforms this mobile jig into a broader benchtop workstation. The double storage wings not only support large workpieces, but offer additional storage for screws and bits.

Pocket Hole Jig Clamp

No workstation is complete without stable installation. The Pocket Hole Jig Clamp reliably secures your jig to a workstation. Just lock the Kreg 720Pro in place and make your workbench into a fast, efficient drilling station for precise pocket holes on every large and small component in your project. Better yet, the clamp is cross-compatible with all 500-series pocket hole jigs from Kreg, if you’ve got other models that are more suited to the needs of a small project.

Kreg Screws Galore

The base 720 model comes packed with 60 pocket-hole screws, but the 720Pro supplies more than doubles that with 160 Kreg screws to keep you going longer without needing to restock.

Looking for the New Kreg Jigs? We’ve Got You Covered.

Shop at the US Tool & Fastener online store for all of your Kreg pocket hole jigs and accessories. We only stock the brands that we trust and our customers love. Call us up and we’ll be happy to chat with you about your next pocket hole joinery project and offer suggestions on the best ways to use the Kreg jig pocket hole system for professional results.


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