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Fein cordless MultiMaster

Cutting, Sanding, and Scraping With the Fein Cordless MultiMaster Tool

Your favorite Fein MultiMaster tool has gone cordless. But how does it fare with a couple of 2.5 Ah batteries (18 V li-ion) instead of the cord? 

Fein has dominated the multi-tool category for years, so the answer should come as no surprise: it’s fantastic. Aside from weighing in at a well-balanced 3.83 lbs when the battery is attached, the only significant difference is that there’s no cord in the way. The Fein Cordless MultiMaster tool picks up right where its corded cousin leaves off with no loss in performance. In fact, the motor on the 18 V AFMM 18 QSL model is three times faster (and 35% more powerful) than the original Fein MultiMaster tool!

Accessory changing is easy as ever with the tool-free StarlockPlus mounting system. Pull the Starlock Lever to pop off the hot blade you’ve been using without ever touching it. Next, you just press the MultiMaster tool down onto the next blade, pull the lever back down, and get back to work. The Fein Cordless MultiMaster gives you maximum performance and versatility in a convenient, portable multi-tool.

Let’s take a look at how it fares with cutting, sanding, and scraping functions:

CUTTING With the Fein Cordless MultiMaster

The wide variety of blades available to the Fein MultiMaster tool make cutting almost anything as simple as click and go.  Here are three of the popular options:

  • The E-cut Standard Blade: Made with high-carbon steel, this blade is ideal for a smooth, clean-cut on wood materials—such as when undercutting door frames. You can use it for cutting all manner of woods (hard, soft, MDF, ply) and even for low-dust cutouts in drywall.
  • The E-cut Universal Blade: This is a bi-metal blade with more “set” in the teeth than a standard, making it better for rough woodcuts, plastics, ABS pipe, copper, or sheet metal. It can handle cutting nails, although it will grind the teeth down in the area you contact the nail shaft.
  • The Segment High-Speed Steel Saw Blade: Use this to flush cut or rip cut hardwoods, fiberglass, or thinner sheet metals (1mm or less). It’s great for right angles because there’s no set on the teeth and no teeth on the flat of the blade. This makes it possible to use an edge guide to ensure a straight slice.  

SANDING With the Fein Cordless MultiMaster

Unlike the circular motion of a rotary tool, the Fein Cordless MultiMaster uses oscillating action (a side-to-side arcing motion) to get the job done. This greatly reduces vibrations and noise while sanding and also gives you unparalleled control over the motion of the cordless multi-tool. 

Use the triangular sanding pad for sharp corners, narrow edges, or hard-to-access areas of your project. Remember that the oscillation is fastest at the sanding pad’s three tips and slowest near the center. It’s best to maintain a flush position on the sanding surface so that the pad isn’t bent, and heat doesn’t build up quickly on an edge. Lower speeds are better for paints and varnishes, and a larger size pad will perform best on broad surfaces.

Carbide blades are another option for coarse sanding work. Compared to coarse sandpaper, the carbide blades (both triangular and rounded options) are stiff and inflexible. This can make for faster work on thick layers of paint or varnish.

SCRAPING With the Fein Cordless MultiMaster

The rigid scraper blade removes surface materials like wallpaper, putty, paint, or dried adhesives. The corners on this attachment are rounded to help prevent the scraper from scoring or marking the underlying surface. The leading edge lasts a good long time, but if it ever dulls, it’s easy to resharpen on a standard bench grinder. Fein also makes a flexible scraper for more efficient work when removing epoxy, caulking, and other soft materials.

Need Fein Cordless MultiMaster Accessories? We’ve Got You!

Your Fein Cordless MultiMaster comes with you anywhere on the job site. But it’s only as versatile as your selection of blades and pads—and there are a ton to choose from.  Check out our selection at US Tool & Fastener to make every project as easy as a tool-free Starlock swap!



30 October 2020

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