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Festool Announces Phase-out of Vac-Sys Clamping System

Festool announced last week that they would begin a phase-out of the Vac-Sys Clamping System

We were probably as surprised as you were since the Festool Vac-Sys is one of our favorite "under-the-radar" tools from Festool. When news of the Vac-Sys phase-out leaked on the Festool Owners Group, it meant two things: (1) the Festool Fanatic Detectives were out in full force, and (2) we would have a lot of customers with questions about this. So here is what we know so far.

From Festool:

"Due to continued supply chain pressure, Festool is permanently phasing out our Vac-Sys Clamping Systems. This
move will allow us to prioritize the production of our core tools. All major Vac-Sys components have permanently ceased production and final inventory is in transit to North America."

The following items are no longer in production:


We do have a limited amount of these items in stock and have more on the way from the final production run. The current expected arrival is early February 2022. If an item is currently listed as out of stock on our website, but the "pre-order" button is showing, that means that we have more inventory on the way and you are reserving your order. At this time, we are not charging pre-orders until they ship.

As of right now, Festool will continue to have all VAC-SYS accessories available as active SKU's for the foreseeable future. The following items will continue to be regular, active items:

Festool will, of course, continue supporting the entire VAC-SYS category with spare parts and service as stated in their Warranty All-inclusive.

This is a big announcement, so if you have any questions be sure to give us a call at 877-777-4717.


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17 December 2021

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