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Festool Systainer3

With Festool’s Launch of Systainer3, It’s Time to Get Organized

The Festool Systainer3 is here! The new and improved third generation of the iconic Systainer lineup is something to behold. As of February 1st, 2021, over 40 brand new Systainer3 options and accessories have joined the collection in our online store at US Tool and Fastener

No matter whether you tackle projects at the shop, in your garage, out of a work van, or on the job site, Systainer3 has got something for you. We’ve already begun shipping the fantastic products in this updated lineup. Our team is excited to talk with you about the improvements to the classic Systainer organization system and show you around the collection. Let’s dive in.

Organize Your Way With Systainer3

Along with the standard Systainer3 M series (in sizes 112, 187, 237, 337, 437), the trio of new and updated systainer styles below means you can have it all. Need a supersized systainer? Try the massive XXL. Handheld tools cluttering up your workbench? The ToolBox has your back. Got a bucket of mismatched accessories and fasteners? The Organizer will sort them out. We love all three.

  • Systainer3 XXL: This bulk systainer not only gives you double the capacity of an M series Systainer3 but links up with other XXL and Systainer3 T-LOC products to form truly super-sized storage units. Attach yours to a SYS-Cart to add mobility to an Xtra Xtra large organizer.
  • Systainer3 ToolBox: Like the XXL, ToolBoxes you can easily link into a chain of Systainers from any of the three generations—and even Festool CT Dust Extractors—for an organization system that’s exactly the right size for your hand tool collection. Screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, hammers, and other tools will stay easily accessible in the front and rear holders of the versatile and ergonomic ToolBox.
  • Systainer3 Organizer: The seven container sizes in this durable organizer will make it easy to fit materials of varying quantities or sizes. The lid is transparent, too, so everything’s visible at a glance. Festool also fitted each container with convenient labeling panels to make sure the contents are never confused.

Any of these options will save you time. All three will bring the workshop and the job-site into perfect harmony. It’s quick to bring everything you need—tools, accessories, consumables. You name it—out of the workshop and onto the construction site without getting anything out of order. The legendary green T-LOC design means these durable, highly compatible, and east-to-transport Systainers can be opened, closed, or connected with one smooth turning motion. 

Specialty Systainers and Systainer3 Accessories

The models above are just the beginning. Festool pulled out all the stops with a full lineup of specialized Systainer3 organizers that cater to the precise needs of your tools. Check out these exciting new Systainer accessories and options:

  • SYS-STF-80x133 / D125 / Delta: This lineup of abrasive organizers is compatible with all consumables in Festool’s ETS 125, RO 125, LS 130, RTS 400, and DTS 400.
  • SYS3-OF D8/D12: Keep losing router accessories? No more. This upgrade is the perfect Systainer3 for a collection of up to 40 router bits.
  • SYS3-HWZ: The wooden insert in this M 337 will organize your hand tools. No more digging through a pile to find that one screwdriver you need. 
  • SYS-RB Cart: The new and updated Systainer3 cart is compatible with all M, L, and XXL class systainers, holds up to 225 pounds. It also features new strap points to secure your stuff.
  • Cartridge Inlay: Your Systainer3 M 337 and 437 organizers can use this specialty insert to store cartridges and caps in perfect order.
  • Systainer3 Rails: Love to outfit your shop with DIY shelving? Is van storage your gig? These four pairs of updated rails give you nearly unlimited options for customizable storage racking. The rails are compatible with all M and L class Systainer3 models.

We’re excited to offer all of the above Systainer3 options and more in our US Tool and Fastener online store. This exciting product launch is the perfect time to do yourself a favor and get that workshop organized!

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08 February 2021

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