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Festool’s AGC 18: The Best Cordless Angle Grinder of 2019

If you’re on the hunt for the best cordless angle grinder that money can buy, rest assured—it’s finally arrived.  With the release of the ACG 18 cordless angle grinder, Festool is set to take the remodeling world by storm.

The Power of a Corded Grinder

Batteries aren’t what they used to be — they’re much better.  Advances in battery tech have given the best cordless angle grinders the same powerful performance that used to be reserved for corded tools.  The mighty Festool AGC 18 cordless angle grinder, for example, uses long-lasting lithium-ion battery packs to power its Festool-patented EC-TEC motor, and it’s got a serious punch.

Festool’s EC-TEC Advantage:

The EC-TEC drive concept was designed by Festool to be an extraordinarily durable and highly efficient brushless motor.  Brushless motors are already more efficient than the rotating wire coils of a traditional brushed motor. The EC-TEC’s permanent magnet external rotor gives serious torque to the motor shaft with a long, maintenance-free service life.  On top of that, it’s fully enclosed to protect the cast electronics from dust and is safely covered by the Festool 3-2-1 Service plan (including a three-year wear-and-tear warranty).

The Ease of a Cordless Drill

The best cordless angle grinders aren’t only as powerful as their corded counterparts, but as convenient as a typical cordless drill.  The AGC 18 system includes:

  • Quick-Swap Discs: No matter what brand of 4-1/2” diameter discs with 5/8” arbors you’re using, they’ll fit this versatile Festool angle grinder.  Better yet, the keyless arbor, tool-free guard change, lockable spindle, and quick action clamping nut make any disc changes or adjustments a snap.
  • Battery Pack Compatibility: Any battery pack or charger that works with your other Festool 18 Volt System tools will work with this Festool angle grinder. Lock and load with the two interchangeable packs in the PLUS package. If you’ve already got battery packs and a Festool charger, the BASIC package for the AGC 18 can get this revolutionary tool into your hands without any extras, cutting costs and upgrading your tool cabinet at the same time.
  • Ergonomic Comfort: The angle grinder’s grip and auxiliary handle fit perfectly in your hand, always giving you the leverage you need for cutting work on the go—with few vibrations.
  • Smooth Operation: Handheld doesn’t need to mean your body has to soak up the tool’s vibrational energy. The isolated EC-TEC motor is decoupled from the housing, resulting in the lowest vibrations possible in a cordless angle grinder.

The Quality of Festool

The reputation of Festool is built on quality and intelligence in all aspects of design and operation.  This Festool angle grinder is no different. It has:

  • Adjustable Speed: You don’t really have the best angle grinder unless it works for any material.  The Festool AGC 18 adjusts steplessly (and continuously) between 4500-8500rpm to meet the needs of your project.
  • Versatile Shape: This Festool angle grinder surface grinds with the best of them, but it also has a unique battery position to enable cut-off operation.
  • Electronic Safety: The AGC 18’s built-in overload protection features electronic monitoring of coil temperature, a quick-acting motor brake, and restart protection.  Between these features and a soft start-up, you know that your Festool will always ensure safe work.

Whether you’re a professional remodeler or a garage hobbyist, it’s easy to see why the Festool AGC 18 is one of the best cordless angle grinders both in the shop and on the job site.  Get your BASIC or PLUS package today!

Getting Started with Festool - A Guide For Remodelers

26 August 2019

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