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SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw

Here's What Customers Say About the SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw

SawStop’s industry-leading combination of durability and safety is truly unique among cabinet saws. Between the cast iron table and the cutting-edge technology powering the blade sensors and brake, you’re getting the best of both worlds. Each SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw is strong as a tank and sensitive as a touchscreen.

But don’t take it from us. Real customers have a lot of things to say about the SawStop Professional, too. The reviews and awards never stop coming in for the best cabinet saws on the planet. Here at US Tool and Fastener, we see reviews like this one from Aidan all the time: 

Review by Aidan O. on 22 Nov 2019

I upgraded from my old sawstop contractor saw. Very happy.

The five-star confidence Aidan had in his purchase is par for course on SawStop Professional reviews in our online store.  And no wonder—he had already enjoyed working with his SawStop Contractor Saw so much that he had to upgrade!  This is a brand that creates lifelong loyalists.  Once you try one, no other cabinet saw compares.

Best of Machinery did compare them, though, just to save you the trouble.  And the SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw easily came out on top of all other cabinet saws as their five-star, Premium Choice pick for 2019.

The reviewers at Best of Machinery are tool-buying customers like the rest of us, and they’re big fans of SawStop. In their review, they highlight the powerful 13 amp motor that stops instantly and locks down the blade within 1/200th of a second after human contact. But we think they really say it all when they call the SawStop Professional “a powerful and invaluable device — definitely one of the best investment choices you could make.”

The most meaningful stories we hear about SawStop Cabinet Saws, however, always come from a customer’s personal experiences before owning a SawStop. There are a ton of these cautionary tales out there—more than anyone can ignore. And that’s why SawStop developed their life-and-limb-saving technology in the first place.

Check out what a brand new SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw was able to do for Jim Boyd in his public story after so many years living in fear of table saws:

“At age 17 during my high school wood shop class I experienced a tragic tablesaw accident that affected my thumb and index finger on my left hand. Fast forward three surgeries and two skin grafts over the next two years and my left hand has never been the same. I pretty much gave up woodworking after the accident after that although I really did enjoy making sawdust! 

Now at the ripe age of 63 I decided to think about woodworking again. My wife was not supportive of this decision. I did my research and was shocked to learn about the incredible SawStop technology. I sure wish that had been available in 1972!

I watched testimonial videos from injured woodworkers on the SawStop website and suddenly all the pain and suffering of my accident so many decades ago felt so real again. I was sold on SawStop.”

—Jim Boyd, 2018

If you’re interested in getting a SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw for yourself, check us out at US Tool and Fastener! We ship fast and make your experience a priority throughout your purchase.
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