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Six Incredible New Festool Saw Blades For Track Saws & Circular Saws

Festool is primed for a huge release in June of 2021: a new and improved Festool TSC 55 K model track saw, along with a full lineup of decisively improved Festool track saw blades for a wide range of building materials. The blades will fit the new TSC 55 K and HK 55 saw models, which makes them an attractive quick upgrade for Festool fanatics. Let’s dive in and take a look at these exciting new blades.

Design Improvements

  • Thin-Kerf Blade Geometry: You’ll be able to work up to twice as fast with the narrow, efficient thin-kerf teeth that rip fast, save battery, and put less strain on your motor, since less material is being removed. The thin cut will also produce up to 25% less dust, minimizing cleanup.
  • New Tooth Shapes: Five new, mathematically engineered tooth designs (cross-cut, trapezoidal cross-cut, trapezoidal/flat tooth, flat tooth with variable chamfer, and flat tooth) improve cutting performance for numerous applications and materials. 
  • High-Performance Carbide: The already exceptional service life of Festool saw blades just got up to 40% better. The new carbide provides maximum durability for long-term use and consistent cutting quality.

Blade Compatibility

All six blades are compatible with the new TSC 55 K as well as the HK and HKC 55 saws. Matching the new Festool Saw blades to the saw will come down to cutting width. There are 1.8 mm cutting width options that will be cross-compatible between the TSC 55K, HK 55, and HKC 55 saws. See more information and a full compatibility chart here.

Six Versatile Applications

The six new blades (left-to-right in the image below) are suited for diverse applications and materials on the job site or in the shop. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Wood Fine Cut: Best for creating clean, splinterless cuts in solid wood, laminated or veneered sheet materials, and acrylic glass.
  • Wood Universal: An all-around blade for wood, building panels, and soft plastics.
  • Wood Rip Cut: Rips fast through solid hardwood and softwood goods.
  • Laminate/HPL: Pick this one for laminate and melamine-resin-bonded panels such as Trespa.
  • Aluminium/Plastics: Ideal for aluminum sheets and profiles as well as fiber-reinforced and hard plastics.
  • Abrasive Materials: Working with cement, gypsum-bonded particle boards, or fibreboards? This is your blade.

How Can I Get These New Festool Saw Blades?

They’re coming in June 2021, and US Tool & Fastener is set to roll them out on our online shop for sale as soon as possible, both in our Festool TSC 55 K packages and individually. Pre-order now to reserve yours for June 15th, the day they ship out. Call us up for more info or ideas on how to use these improved Festool saw blades and stay tuned on our shop!

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03 June 2021

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