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festool TSC 55

Introducing the New Festool Track Saw: The Festool TSC 55 K

The all-new Festool track saw, the TSC 55 K, is a work of art. A premium advancement on the earlier TS 55 R and TSC 55 models, this refined new Festool saw features a unique KickbackStop for safe, clean cuts every time. The concentrated torque in the cordless EC-TEC motor combines with a new generation of enhanced saw blades to get the job done up to twice as fast. Dust accumulation is as low as ever with efficient thin-kerf blades and access to excellent dust collection bags or Festool CTs. The first cut is the finish cut with the Festool TSC 55 K.

KickbackStop: Protect the Workpiece & Yourself

Thanks to the integrated kickback stop, the Festool TSC 55 K keeps the risk of hand injuries to a minimum while ensuring a smooth finish with every rip or plunge cut. KickbackStop freezes the blade in place instantly whenever the lever loses contact with the material. Once it’s triggered, the saw is ready to start up again right away, whichout replacing the blade or incurring any other costs.

You can even manually deactivate the kickback stop feature for individual cuts, such as on select plunge cut applications or when working without a guide rail on an uneven piece. It will reactivate automatically the next time you turn on the tool.

Power, Torque, and Mobility

The brushless EC-TEC motor and dual 18v lithium-ion battery system deliver exceptional torque with long-lasting performance — and the efficient, battery-saving new generation of Festool saw blades don’t hurt either. There’s no cord to keep you tethered, but you won’t notice any difference in cutting strength or speed. The TSC 55 K has all the power of a corded track saw while maintaining total mobility in the workspace.

Make Every Cut a Finish Cut

The cutting quality on the Festool TSC 55 K is outstanding, thanks to a precise guide rail, a clip-on splinter guard, and a transparent sliding viewing window. Leverage the stability and visibility of the new saw design with a best-in-class Festool dust extraction system for consistently clean and perfect cuts. 

Three Convenient Packages to Fit Your Shop

  • Cordless Track Saw TSC 55 KEB-F-Basic: All the essentials at the lowest price point. You’ll get the saw, splinterguard, sight window, chip collection bag, hex key, and a HW fine tooth blade, all contained in a Systainer SYS3 M 437.
  • Cordless Track Saw TSC 55 KEBI-F-Plus: Everything in the basic bundle, pulse two BP 18 Li 5.2 ASI battery packs and a rapid charger TCL 6, so you can keep going all day long.
  • Cordless Track Saw TSC 55 KEBI-F-Set-FS: The full set includes all of the above plus the 55” Guide Rail FS 1400. This is the set for ultimate mobile precision.

How Can I Get This New Festool Track Saw?

The Festool TSC 55 K is coming in June 2021. Pre-order now to reserve yours today. Call us up for more info or ideas on how to get the most out of the newest generation of Festool track saws and stay tuned on our shop!

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03 June 2021

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