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Shaper Origin workstation

Setting Up Your Shaper Origin Workstation

The Shaper Origin Workstation makes tough workpieces easy. A reusable tape field, adjustable fences, intuitive indexing pins, and more components will streamline benchtop cutting and get you going with your Shaper straight out of the box.

Setup is simple, too. We’ve compiled a list of helpful video tutorials below to help you quickly and easily set up seven of the most critical components of the Shaper Origin Workstation. Together with your Shaper, they’ll form a precision cutting system that gives you room to experiment and iterate with reliable results on even the most unusually shaped workpieces.

1. Shaper Body

The Shaper Origin Workstation’s body is versatile, suited for both permanent and temporary mounting on nearly any workbench. You can reuse the resilient, built-in tape field across a large number of projects to add ready-to-scan convenience.

2. Clamping Face

Precision is critical on a Shaper Origin workbench. The clamping face locks in at a 90 degree angle from the body and tightens quickly with a hex wrench for easy, accurate indexing on workpieces. It’s also got three set height options with spoilboards to keep the work surface flush and prevent tear-out. The included indexing pins align with slots on either end of the Face for simple vertical alignment. 

3. Support Arms

The removable support arms not only stabilize the support bar and prevent the Shaper Origin from rocking as it moves towards the edge of the bench, but provide a level and smooth traveling surface as you cut across a workpiece. Remove one or both of the arms to make room for larger workpieces, then replace them when you move to smaller work. There’s an adjustable set screw in case the arms ever move out of alignment.

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4. Support Bar

The Shaper Origin Workstation’s support bar is sturdy, smooth, and durable. The bar can be mounted along the support arms for a level guiding surface while cutting, but it also serves a secondary purpose: zeroing your stock. Mount the support bar on the workstation’s body directly to create a confident zero point for positioning stock before tightening any clamps.

5. Angle Fence

The clamping face features two vertical alignment pins on either side for positioning an angle fence. Use this Shaper fence to angle workpieces up to 45 degrees with a precise, stable guide. This combines with the perfectly level indexing surface of the support bar (when mounted on the body) for flawless positioning of angled workpieces every time. The angle notation is inscribed directly onto the fence for full visibility.

6. Spoilboard

Two sizes of MDF spoilboards come along with the Shaper Origin Workstation for use right out of the box: 2x in a 25mm size, and 2x more in a 50mm size. These components are used to fill gaps and add stability above the clamping face as you move it down to the second or third height settings, further down from the level of the body. If you find yourself needing additional spoilboards, the Shaper Workstation user manual provides dimensions for quick and easy cutting of additional (or replacement) spoilboards. 

7. Shelf

If you’re working with small or awkward workpieces, the Shaper Origin Workstation’s shelf is perfect for rapidly fixing them in place. The specially-designed locking handle allows for fast and accurate height adjustments to keep the workpieces perfectly aligned to the tape field.

All of the above Shaper accessories come packaged together as a complete Shaper Origin Workstation that affixes to your existing workbench. If you haven’t picked up a Shaper Origin yet, we also offer a Shaper Origin bundle that includes both the Shaper and the versatile workbench at an attractive combined price. 

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19 January 2021

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