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Festool Rotex Sander

Try Before You Buy: Demo the Festool RO 150 FEQ Rotex Sander with US Tool

Once upon a time, you would have to keep multiple single-purpose sanders on hand and switch between them at each stage of the job.  Thankfully, that no longer has to be the case.

The Festool RO 150 FEQ Rotex Sander sports a powerful, ergonomic design with minimal vibration and no-tools pad-swapping for coarse to fine finish flexibility.  With a completely enclosed metal gearbox, no dust can threaten the tool’s service life as it remains your one-stop sanding solution for many reliable years.

Here are just a handful of the advanced features that make this Rotex sander a premium pick:

  • Multi-Jetstream 2 Dust Extraction: Sanding is usually a messy job that leaves a thin film of residue settled across the whole worksite.  Hooked up to the Festool CT 26 HEPA, or any of Festool’s HEPA Dust Extractors, this Festool Rotex sander is not only almost completely dust-free, but the abrasives and pads actually last much longer because the dust extraction prevents them from ever becoming clogged.
  • Dual-Mode Flexibility: Whether you need the fine sanding finesse of random orbital Finish Mode or the aggressive power of the gear-driven Rotex Mode for rapid stock removal, this sander has got it all.  The 720 watts of power and 6” sanding pads will finish jobs with speed and efficiency in either mode with the abrasive of your choice.  It’s an all-in-one, go to sander for any and every job.
  • Reliable Edge Protection: A snap-on bumper guard is designed to allow close sanding of corners and edges without any risk of touching them.  With the edge protector guarding nearby floors or surfaces from the outer edge of the spinning abrasive, you will never jolt the sander or damage an adjacent floor, wall, cabinet, or counter.

On the Job—Cabinet Refinishing

For an in-home job on previously installed cabinets, sanding off an old finish puts you in a sticky situation.  Even once you remove all of the doors, the framing of the cabinetry might be full of tricky corners and edges that are tough to reach, and sawdust (mixed with chemicals from the previous finish) could easily fill the house before you’re done.

The Festool RO 150 FEQ solves these problems before they start.  A wide surface area on the 6” sandpaper pad will strip the finish quickly, while the attached hose extracts any dust from the sanding before it can get airborne.  With the edge protector attached, you don’t have to worry about cutting the edge into other cabinets, the ceiling, or fragile backsplashes as you go because the abrasive is reliably guarded from adjacent surfaces.

This Festool product makes sanding so quick and easy that it will almost feel like the old finish just disappeared.

Book a Tool Demo Today!

US Tool and Fastener can give you a live demonstration of the form and functions of our tools before you buy.  For this sander, we’d showcase how to:

  1. Switch between Finish and Rotex Modes (as well as provide an overview of other key features)
  2. Effectively sand rough hardwood from 40 grit up to 400 grit
  3. Maximize your dust extraction with Festool Abrasives and Festool HEPA Dust Extractors

Finally, we’ll get into a practical portion of our demo with live insights into a project of interest to you, so that you can see firsthand how this Rotex sander can satisfy any of your sanding needs.

Contact us for a demo and we’d be happy to book you for an in-person demonstration at our facility of the incredible power and versatility of the Festool RO 150 FEQ Rotex Sander.

Getting Started with Festool - A Guide For Remodelers

09 May 2019

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