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3 Premium Powermatic Tools Now Available From USTF

We’re excited to begin offering a new lineup of high-performance Powermatic tools in the US Tool and Fastener store. Powermatic has long been known for mechanical elegance, innovation, and durability. The three Powermatic tools listed here are perfect examples of how the brand earned that reputation. Check out these premium Powermatic products and explore your woodworking creativity with an intuitive woodshop experience.

The Powermatic 54HH Jointer (SKU: 1791317K)

If you’re looking for a superior finish with quiet operation, this is the jointer for the job. Powermatic’s four-sided helical carbide knife inserts require no adjustments—just rotate for a fresh edge if it becomes nicked and keep the work moving. You’ll enjoy the top-end performance of the non-slip v-belt drive in the 1 HP motor, housed in a heavy and sturdy steel base.

Safety is outstanding on Powermatic tools, and the 54FF Powermatic Jointer is no exception. Between a lockable push button switch—to prevent accidental starts—and oversized (66”) infeed and outfeed tables, you’ll have a generous working surface for precision cuts with no surprises.

Some other highlight features include:

  • 4” dust port for hooking into the dust collection system of your choice
  • Convenient, center-mounted fence controls
  • Two-way tilting fence (38”) that accommodates fast, easy 90° or bevel cuts
  • Helical cutterhead (2.5” diameter) with 40 carbide inserts
  • 6,000 RPM cutterhead speed
  • Smoother and quieter than conventional cutterhead systems

Powermatic 209HH 20” Planer (SKU: 1791315)

Like its jointer cousin, the Powermatic 209HH Planer offers smoother and quieter operation than conventional systems with its helical cutterhead design. Powermatic tools are also highly regarded for their combination of heavy-duty performance and standard features that are hard to find with other tools in this class. Change speeds quickly between 24 and 31 FPM with the 2-speed oil bath gearbox, or change it out for a 4-speed option (gear included) to run speeds as low as 16 and 20 FPM.

It’s a stout, sturdy machine, too. The cast iron head, table, and extension wings give you heft and stability while handling the most demanding work, all supported by four steel columns. Anti-kickback fingers and a pressure bar also prevent unexpected movement and ensure a superior finish. You can trust this 5HP Powermatic planer to always provide a smooth feed and a flat, precise cut.  

Some other highlight features include:

  • 5” dust port for hooking into the dust collection system of your choice
  • Massive 55.5” X 20” working area (table with included extensions)
  • Up to 3/32” maximum and full-width depth of cut
  • Chrome-plated, ergonomic handwheel for easy, smooth adjustments
  • Integrated casters on the cabinet for mobility in the shop
  • Helical cutterhead (3 3/16” diameter) with 100 carbide inserts
  • 5,000 RPM cutterhead speed
  • Smoother and quieter than conventional cutterhead systems

Powermatic PM2800B Drill Press (SKU: 1792800B)

The intuitive, easy-to-use Powermatic PM2800B Drill Press redefined the woodworking experience for Powermatic tools. The brand focused every element of the design around functionality and simplicity in a durable, high-performance package. 

You’ll love the laser guides that provide precision indications for tool points and mechanical variable speed for a full range of speeds with no belt changes required. The pair of bright LED work lights are independently adjustable, so you can erase shadows on workpieces of varying shapes and sizes. Even the handles bring simplicity to a new level — you can mount them on either side of the Powermatic drill press to suit your most comfortable, preferred position for working the quill.

Some other highlight features include:

  • 6” quill travel with just one revolution of the handle
  • 3 1/8” column diameter
  • Digital RPM readout of spindle speed
  • Adjustable fence system
  • 5/8” chuck size (keyed chuck included)
  • Stable, oversized cast iron base
  • Worktable can be rotated to a full 90-degree position

Looking for More?

These three awesome Powermatic tools are just the beginning. We will be adding the full line of Powermatic Tools in the coming months! Check out our online shop to explore all of our Powermatic tools, accessories, and packages to find the perfect fit for your next project.

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