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Try Before You Buy: Demo the Festool TS 55 FEQ Track Saw with ShopUSTF - Festool TS 55 FEQ, Festool deals, Festool cordless circular saw, Festool accessories, Festool dust extractor comparison

Try Before You Buy: Demo the Festool TS 55 FEQ Track Saw with ShopUSTF

Contractors and remodelers are using traditional circular saws and table saws less often on the job site. Track saws like the Festool TS 55 FEQ have continued to take over the niche they used to fill—breaking down sheet goods, cutting into finished carpentry, straight-lining rough cut lumber, bevel cuts, and more.

Here are just a handful of the advanced features that make this Festool cordless circular saw a premium pick:

  • Plunge Cut Security: Festool’s plunge cut track saw offers the safety of a fully concealed circular saw blade until you plunge it to a specified depth for your job. After adjusting the precision depth with micro-adjustable controls, the riving knife prevents kickback from ensuring incredible accuracy for all of your cuts.
  • Superior Dust Extraction: When hooked up to the Festool CT 26 HEPA, this track saw can be rendered almost completely sawdust free. The vacuum cleans before the cut is complete, which speeds up your work without added effort. This way, you won’t have to contend with dangerous dust in the air that irritates the eyes and lungs while leaving fine particles settled across the whole job site. Check out our Festool dust extractor comparison to learn more.
  • A Zero-Clearance Cut: The way Festool deals with precise cuts is a special plastic lip on the edge of the track called the Splinterguard. This feature provides pressure against the surface you’re cutting up to the edge of the saw blade. The added protection means no splinters or damage, even on delicate cabinet-grade plywood. If it wears out over time, you can easily switch it out with a fresh Splinterguard without ever needing to replace the whole track.

On the Job—Finished Flooring Project

If you find yourself in the middle of a remodeling project where you need to cut through finished flooring—and you want to avoid damage to the subfloor—Festool’s plunge cut track saw is the ideal tool for the job. You can take this Festool cordless circular saw straight to the job. Festool accessories like the splinter guard-equipped track will ensure perfectly straight, splinter-free, highly accurate cuts every time.

Calibrate the plunge of the saw blade to the precise thickness of the finished floorboards, hook up the dust extraction hose, and make a smooth cut without any mess to clean up. The little-to-zero dust makes this tool perfect for work right in a home. And since you can’t secure a track to the floor with clamps, it even comes outfitted with non-slip strips on the bottom of the track that will prevent it from sliding. This feature will keep your cuts exactly where you want them on finished floors, where inaccuracies can be costly.

The TS 55 FEQ aims to prevent you from needing cumbersome job-site table saws and inaccurate handheld circular saws.

Book a Festool TS 55 FEQ Demo Today!

Looking for the best Festool deals before you buy? US Tool and Fastener can give you a live demonstration of the form and functions of our tools before you buy. We showcase how to:

  1. Set up and calibrate the Festool cordless circular saw to the guide rail.
  2. Cut into the Splinterguard for a precise, splinter-free cut every time.
  3. Link guide rails with connectors for jobs that require extra long, perfectly straight cuts.

After that, we can show you what it takes to use the saw in cutting down sheet goods with useful Festool accessories like track-fitted quick clamps and TSO guide rail squares. Finally, we’ll wrap up our demo with practical insights so that you can see firsthand how this track saw can fulfill your needs.

Contact us for a demo, and we’d be happy to book you for an in-person demonstration at our facility. Come see the incredible power of the Festool TS 55 FEQ Track Saw for yourself!

Be sure to also follow us on Instagram for the latest Festool deals and tips on finding the best Festool accessories.

Getting Started with Festool - A Guide For Remodelers

06 June 2022

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