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Breaking Down the Festool Pro Remodeler Pack

Our Festool 205605 Pro Remodeler Pack is a quality collection of Festool products at an attractive bundle price.  This arsenal of cordless tools will make quick work of job site projects for your remodeling business, but it also makes an unparalleled mobile toolbox for any home workshop. Whether you’re a pro remodeler or a fanatical Festool hobbyist, you can’t go wrong with the versatility and power of the Festool Pro Remodeler pack.

Let’s break down the selection you’ll have at your disposal for cutting, framing, scraping, and scoring on-the-go:

The TID 18 Cordless Impact Screwdriver

Festool calls the TID a “powerhouse,” and we tend to agree. This 3-speed impact driver is compact and cord-free but has the strength of a corded model (reaching 3,200 RPM in top gear with 1593 in. lbs. / 180 Nm in torque). The built-in, intelligent “T-mode” automatically detects and adjusts for hard/soft materials and self-tapping screws. You won’t strain your wrist, either, since the kickback-free hammer mechanism maintains forward force (rather than letting the driver spin around the screw).

The PDC 18 Cordless Percussion Drill

The combo of the TID 18 impact driver and the PDC 18 percussion drill gives you everything you need to handle the framing stages of your construction or remodeling project. The next-generation brushless EC TEC is a massive upgrade over drills with older brush motors. You’ll enjoy higher efficiency, reduced noise, and longer service life compared to traditional drills. The smart electronic monitoring system within the PDC 18 also protects the high-performance motor from overload with an electronic clutch override and other innovative features.

The HKC 55 Cordless Track Saw

There won’t be any need to take materials back and forth to a miter saw with this portable circular saw in your Festool Pro Remodeler Pack. The HKC 55 is compatible with all existing FS Guide Rails, and the fixed positioning bolt allows you to make precise angle adjustments from -60° to +60° for consistent, repeatable miter cuts. Bring your track saw right to the material—no stationary work surface required— for cutting frames, lining boards, battens, shutters, deck boards, and more (on crosscuts up to 26.3”).

The OSC 18 “Vecturo” Cordless Oscillator

The Vecturo multi-tool has the versatility to tackle nearly any material, from wood the non-ferrous metals and from epoxy resin to cement.  It packs pro remodeler performance into a quiet-operating, exceptionally mobile form factor. The completely cordless design frees you to reach tough areas, but keep in mind that you have the option to easily connect it to any Festool CT mobile dust extractor (such as a MINI or MIDI) to keep the workspace clear of debris. 

Batteries & Chargers

The Festool Pro Remodeler Pack also supplies you with four long-lasting 18V Li-ion battery packs with Bluetooth capabilities. You’ll get:

  • 2x BP 5.2 Ah battery packs
  • 2x BP HighPower 4.- battery packs 

A pair of TLC 6 Rapid Chargers will keep them on a fast-charging rotation, going strong throughout the workday. 

Systainers & Extras

Your tools will be portable and secure with a full complement of Festool Systainers for organized storage:

  • SysGen 3 for the TID and PDC
  • Sys 4 for the Track Saw
  • Sys 2 for the Vecturo
  • Sys 1 for accessories

Rounding out the Pro Remodeler Pack, you’ll get a FastFix keyless right angle chuck (1/2”), an extra 12 tooth blade for the HKC, a blade 5-pack for the Vecturo, two robust belt clips, and a convenient Systainer Toolbox.

So there you have it! The Festool Pro Remodeler Pack supplies you with durability, portability, and maximum power in one valuable bundle for construction and remodeling projects. Finally, don’t forget that the whole kit is Bluetooth-enabled, so your mobile dust extractors can start automatically right when you switch on your remodeling tools.

Check out our online store for more professional modeler tools online!

Getting Started with Festool - A Guide For Remodelers

24 November 2020

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