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New Combo Festool Kits

Big Savings with These New Combo Festool Kits

The launch of new Festool products is always an exciting time of the year. Whether it’s upgrades of classic tools or some fresh Festool kits and package deals, we love seeing what new technical mastery Festool has cooked up for us. 

To help give you an up-close-and-personal look at the new Festool package deals and kits hitting the market in 2020, we’re breaking down some of the latest packages and offers that will be coming to our store this summer.

The Festool Kits You Need at the Prices You Want

As one of the most compelling new additions to the Festool line, it’s no surprise that the TID 18 cordless impact driver is the acting centerpiece for many of the Festool kits coming down the pipeline. And depending on the package you’ve got your eye on, you could save up to $500! 

TID 18 Combos

There are three TID 18 + 1 combo kits to choose from, and each one pairs Festool’s new impact drivers with one of their saws. You’ll also get an extra blade for the saw, a Systainer case for each tool, and a second SYS 1 for the accessories included in the Festool kits.

  • The “Installer” Kit includes a TID 18 impact driver, PSC 420 Carvex Jigsaw, two of the brand new 18V Lithium-ion HighPower 4.0 battery packs, and a rapid charger. And because Festool wants to offer you the best deal possible, they’re also throwing in a 25-piece Jigsaw blade assortment.
  • The “Carpenter” Kit packages the precision-cutting of the TSC 55 cordless track saw with the driving power of the TID 18, creating a Festool kit that has just about everything you’ll need for assembly and installation projects. You’ll also get an extra 28-tooth blade for the TSC 55 and a chip collection bag (which you can use if you’re not already taking advantage of a dust extractor).
  • The “Framing” Kit is, you guessed it, ideal for anyone looking to streamline the framing stage of an upcoming project. Along with the TID 18 and HKC 55 cordless track saw, this addition to the line of 2020 Festool kits also includes two battery packs, an FSK 420 guide rail, and a bonus 12-tooth blade for the saw.

It’s worth noting that in the “Carpenter” and “Framing” kits, the battery packs you get will be of the 18V Lithium-Ion 5.2 variety instead of the newer 4.0 battery. This will give your saw the extra juice they need to get the job done as efficiently as possible. And since the 5.2 batteries are also compatible with the TID 18, the package still gives you everything you need to get started on your next job.

Drill and Impact Driver Combos

When it comes to Festool impact driver and drill combos, you’re going to find two tools focused on meeting the needs you regularly encounter at your workstation or on the job site. The first package pairs up the TID 18 impact driver and the TID 18 drill, bringing two of the most essential tools together to help you build incredible cabinets. 

Getting Started with Festool - A Guide For Remodelers

The second package is, arguably, the best one, as it pairs the TID 18 impact driver (which we love) with the PDC 18 drill. It also comes with a batch of handy accessories, like two of those new 18V 4.0 battery packs, some belt clips, and FastFix and Right Angle chucks for use with the Festool PDC 18 drill. With this Festool kit, you can get your pre-drilling done with the PDC Percussion Hammer Drill, and then easily drive your fasteners into place with the Festool TID 18 cordless impact driver. It’s a match made in heaven!

Ready to Go PRO?

If you’re looking for an option that takes the best of all the above Festool kits and puts it into one convenient (and cost-effective) purchase, you might want to look at the two Festool PRO packages. Not only will these Festool package deals save you the most money (up to $500!), they’ll also give nearly all of the tools that will carry you through the entirety of a project. Here’s what you’ll find in each of the PRO packages:

PRO Finish Pack

  • TID 18 Impact Driver
  • T 18 Drill
  • SysGen 3 Systainer, M 237 / TID & T18
  • TSC 55 Track Saw, Sys 5
  • PSC Carvex Jigsaw, Sys 2
  • 2 BP 18V Li 5.2 Ah Battery Packs w/Bluetooth® 
  • 2 BP 18V Li HighPower 4.0 Battery Packs w/Bluetooth®
  • TCL 6 Rapid Charger
  • SCA 8 Rapid Charger
  • Right Angle Chuck / PDC
  • Extra 28 Tooth Blade / TSC
  • 25 Blade Assortment Pack / PSC
  • Chip Collection Bag 
  • 2 Belt Clips
  • Sys 1 for Accessories
  • Sys Toolbox

PRO Remodeler Pack

  • TID 18 Impact Driver
  • PDC 18 Drill, Sys 
  • SysGen 3 Systainer, 237 / TID & PDC 
  • HKC 55 Track Saw, Sys 4 
  • OCS 18 Vecturo, Sys 2 
  • 2 BP 18V Li 5.2 Ah Battery Packs w/Bluetooth® 
  • 2 BP 18V Li HighPower 4.0 Battery Packs w/Bluetooth® 
  • 2 TCL 6 Rapid Chargers 
  • Right Angle Chuck / T 18 
  • Extra 12 Tooth Blade / HKC 
  • Blades USB 78/32 5 pack / Vecturo 
  • 2 Belt Clips 
  • Sys 1 for Accessories 
  • Sys Toolbox

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution that will make the cutting, assembly, and framing stages of a project go by in record time, these are the Festool kits for you. You’ll not only save the most money, but you’ll also stock your workstation or job site with the kind of tools to make sure you’re ready for anything. Preorder yours today!

Getting Started with Festool - A Guide For Remodelers

20 May 2020

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