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How the New Festool CTs Achieve Mobile Dust Extraction

Festool’s latest upgrades to two models of their premier dust extractors have changed the game for dust solutions on-the-go.  Many of Festool products already enable you to conveniently bring the tool to the job, and the updates to the new CT MINI Bluetooth HEPA and CT MIDI Bluetooth HEPA models have made it easier than ever to clean up the work site with speed and efficiency.

The latest models have introduced a fleet of new features, technologies, and conveniences to streamline the job.  Here’s how they do it:

  • Convenient Touch Controls: An integrated touch panel controls suction level and auto/manual settings without the buildup of debris faced by old rotary knobs.  These intuitive controls are easy to operate with or without gloves.
  • Bluetooth Activation: The onboard Bluetooth module can pair with an optional remote control to switch on your dust extractor automatically, via a remote wireless signal.  This feature prepares it to interface with Festool’s impressive portfolio of Bluetooth tools.  When paired with a cordless Bluetooth-enabled Festool, the CT will turn on automatically with the tool.
  • Effortless Filter Cleaning: Now you can instantly clean the filter to restore your suction power without taking anything apart, just by pressing down on the manually filter cleaning lever on the outside of the machine.  This unclogs the primary filter to get you back to work quicker.
  • Major Hose Upgrades: The new hose has a tapered vacuum end for boosted suction, features a smooth, braided sleeve that protects it while preventing snags on edges or tools, and stows neatly into the sizable inner hose reservoir.  No parts stick out during transport.
  • HEPA Filter Access: The standard-equipped HEPA certified filter not only removes 99.99% of particulate to 0.3 microns—it’s also accessible from the outside for tool-free, rapid replacement.
  • New Cord Wrap:  The integrated, easy-release cord wrap on the back of the CT keeps the power cord conveniently out of the way when moving your dust extractor around the work site and frees it up easily when you need more reach.

The no-snag hose that packs away entirely and Bluetooth activation when the CT is out of reach both make these latest models incredibly easy to maneuver in close quarters or cramped environments.  Large double-caster wheels and a convenient, ergonomic carry handle make it simple to navigate obstacles both in the shop and on the job site.

Two Convenient Sizes: MIDI and MINI

Both models share the same upgraded features but differ slightly in size to suit your needs.  The MINI has enough capacity for everyday job site tasks with the 2.6-gallon container that fits into its highly maneuverable 18 inches of height.  A finished flooring project in a narrow upstairs hall is a lot easier with a Festool TS 55 REQ Track Saw and a compact dust extractor like the CT MINI.

At only about 1.5 inches taller and .66 pounds heavier, the MIDI doesn’t need much more size to pack in its upgraded 3.9-gallon container capacity that makes the difference for tough jobs on-the-go.  Try it with the Festool RO 150 FEQ Rotex Sander for rapid stock removal or cabinet refinishing.  

Both models sit a little under 25 pounds for convenient lifting and rolling as you bring it right to the task.

Quiet and Powerful

Perhaps most impressive about these two little dust devils is that they both manage to put out 130 CFM of high-performance suction—only seven less than the massive CT 48!  They may be small, but they pack a punch. Even with all of that juice they still manage a super quiet 62 dB on the low setting.

Pre-order Now!

If you pre-order a Festool CT MINI Bluetooth HEPA (or its CT MIDI big brother), you’ll be able to get your hands on these versatile CTs soon after they ship on August 1st.  Don’t hesitate—reserve yours today!

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14 May 2019

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