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These TSO Parallel Guide System Sets Will Transform Your Workshop!

The US Tool and Fastener store is spotlighting our favorite TSO Parallel Guide (TPG) sets, the TPG-30 and TPG-50, for Festool, Makita, or Triton guide rails (sold separately). Both sets include a pair of T-tracks that will mount snugly and easily to your guide rails, along with a unique group of guide rail squares and other accessories. 

Whereas competing products often suffer from limited stability, accuracy, or durability, the TPG system provides the superior quality you can always expect from a TSO product. These TPG systems offer so many benefits, including:

  • Repeatable precision cuts
  • A simple, one-piece T-track design — no slipping and sliding lengths of track
  • Easy and secure bolt-on attachment
  • FlipStop v2.0 technology moves only when you want it to
  • Laser-engraved metric and imperial dimensions
  • Calibration Memory™, eliminating re-calibration when changing rods
  • Rip capacity ranging from ¼" (6mm) to 4' x 8' sheets
  • Square and parallel in one cut with one track

Altogether, it's easy to see why the TSO Parallel Guide system has built its reputation as the market's most capable and highest-value guide system. TSO products are best-in-class when it comes to upgrading your Festool tools. Let's take a closer look at the two set versions available in our online store:

Sjobergs workbench, Bora speedhorse, TSO products, Festool deals, Festool accessories - US Tool and Fastener - shopustf

TPG-30 TSO Parallel Guide System Set (61-364)

This robust set is centered around twin 30" dual-dimensioned T-tracks that attach to Festool, Makita, or Triton guide rails via TSO Guide Rail Adapters or TSO Guide Rail Squares. . Because of the FlipStop v2.0, you can be sure that the tracks will remain perfectly calibrated even when swapping between standard and narrow stock rods. Calibrate once, and the TPG adapter knows the precise position.

In addition to the TPGT tracks, you'll get accessories, including:

  • 2 TPG FlipStop v2.0
  • 2 Calibration Rods for narrow cutting
  • 4 Comfort Grip Star Knobs
  • 1 Hex Driver (3mm) for all adjustments

The TPG-30 Parallel Guide System can be attached to your Festool, Makita, or Triton Guide Rails using the Quick Guide Rail Adapter (Festool Guide Rails only), the standard TPG Guide Rail Adapter, the GRS-16 Guide Rail Square, or the GRS-16 PE Guide Rail Square. For square and parallel cuts, you will need at least one GRS-16 Guide Rail Square or GRS-16 PE Guide Rail Square

Additional accessories can still be purchased separately if, for example, you want to add the 50" T-tracks for more capacity down the line. Could you be sure to add 2x TSO t-track connectors to accomplish that?

Sjobergs workbench, Bora speedhorse, TSO products, Festool deals, Festool accessories - US Tool and Fastener - shopustf

TPG-50 TSO Parallel Guide System Set (61-383)

The larger and more complete TPG-50 TSO Parallel Guide System set includes all of the same precise and durable 30" T-tracks and other accessories as the TPG-30 set, with one notable exception:

  • Two additional 50" dual-dimensioned T-tracks

That's right. You'll get everything in the TPG-30 set plus a pair of 50" TPG T-track s for when the going gets tough, and you need to swap over to a larger T-track size. Again, it's still possible to purchase other accessories separately. For a truly complete TSO parallel guide system collection, you might consider adding a pair of 20" T-tracks to the 30" and 50" ones already included in the TPrememberd don't forget that the TPG Quick Adapter was intentionally designed to be Festool-specific. It's guaranteed to be flawlessly compatible with all Festool guide rails. You can still use the original TSO TPG Adapter for Festool, Makita, and Triton Guide Rail Systems. 

Hear From Our Satisfied TSO Customers

Many of our competitors have struggled to keep TPG systems on their shelves (or in their warehouses), but we've got them here and ready to ship.

As verified buyer Stephen B. commented after he purchased the TPG-30 TSO Parallel Guides, his experience included an "easy purchase with the item being in-stock at US Tool & Fastener when it was unavailable elsewhere. And a quick ship to boot…."

After receiving his TPG-50 set, customer Taras reported, "I tried to buy the TPG-50 directly from TSO, and they were never in stock. I called to see if you had any in stock, the rep told me you had 15. I placed the order from the website on Monday and received it Friday before the holiday weekend. It's remarkable to receive it in such a short period of time considering we are on opposite sides of the country and it was free shipping. I will use them again for my future needs."

Shop at US Tool and Fastener — We Have TSO Products IN STOCK!

Come check out our full collection of TSO products and get access to the set that you need—fast.

Do you have any questions about ordering? Contact us for a demo, and we'll book you for a live demonstration at our US Tool and Fastener store. You can check out our top tools, including Sjobergs workbenches, Bora Speedhorse, and Festool sanders. Try out our Bora centipede workstands or the latest Festool releases in person at our Worcester, MA, location.

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13 December 2022

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