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Festool Conturo

How the Festool Conturo Delivers the Perfect Edge, On-Site and In-Shop

The Conturo was Festool’s answer to a glaring chasm in the edge bander market: that gap between cheap, handheld edge-banding tools and expensive, industrial-grade stationary edge bander machines. With the Festool Conturo Edge Bander, we finally have a small, portable edge bander that delivers the performance and precision of a large, stationary edge bander machine.

How did they do it? Let’s look at the features and accessories that help the Festool Conturo deliver “The Perfect Edge.”

Bring Festool Conturo Right to the Job

The Festool Conturo has a number of conveniences that make it possible to glue, affix, and trim edging on any shape of panel materials without moving the workpiece anywhere. Everything can come right to the project.

  • All-in-One, Wherever You Bring It: You won’t need a separate gluing or trimming station with the Festool Conturo—it handles banding, trimming, and adhesive application all at once. The adhesive system is completely contained within the tool and safely dispenses heated glue onto banding as you are installing it.
  • Revolutionary Gluing System: Many portable edge banders lack an efficient system for dispensing heated glue and banding material. The Festool Conturo uses a proprietary, electronically-controlled adhesive system with glue picks and a heat grid that melt only what you need, are easy to clean, and allow for rapid switching between colors.
  • Ergonomic Handheld Design: The function-driven shape of the Conturo is comfortable in hand and easy to maneuver, with a compact, balanced center of gravity.
  • Edge Banding Trimmer Accessory: This portable trimmer can come packaged with a complete Festool Conturo set and will cut edge banding or create circular seams up to 65mm high and 2mm thick! Trim both left and right edges to identical standards as you go.

A portable edge bander makes jobs with extremely long strips or irregular curves much easier than a stationary system. In fact, the Festool Conturo can apply banding to curves with inner diameters as small as 2” or outer radii as small as 1” with no changes to the machine. Just slow down the adjustable speed setting with the press of a button, and speed up again when you get to a straight edge.

Or Set Up a Workstation Right in the Shop!

The full Festool Edge Trimming Set (left) has everything you need—an edge banding reel, extra roller, scraper, StickFix Base kit, polishing materials, and more—to create a complete edge-banding workstation.

The Festool Conturo itself is easy to convert into a stationary edge bander, either by building a suitable bench where you can clamp it or by using the Festool Conturo Table Set (right). This mountable work table is perfect for edging small materials and beveled pieces that are easy to manipulate in hand. Use the preset detents in the mounting bracket to work at a range of common angles.

For mitered edging, just loosen the clamping screws on the Festool Conturo and adjust the tilt until the angle scale matches the miter. You can also loosen or even unscrew the guide plates to allow for hand-guiding irregularly shaped workpieces along the edge roller.

The Best of Both Worlds

The Conturo was never meant to replace industrial-grade stationary edge banders, but to fill the gap between the extremes of a massive, industrial-sized machine and a low-cost, handheld solution. With the Conturo, you get a professional-grade Festool edge bander with a cost-effective, portable setup—or stationary edge banding station in the corner of your shop!

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05 November 2020

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