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3 Reasons the Shaper Origin is Top-of-Class Among Handheld CNC Routers

The Shaper Origin CNC router is one of the most innovative woodworking machines on the market right now. With its highly intuitive design, powerhouse capabilities, and portability, it’s truly in a class by itself among handheld CNC routers. 

There are simply no other CNC machines this size that can compete with the versatility, durability, and usability of the Shaper Origin CNC router. Here are the top three reasons the Shaper Origin has a leg up on its competition.

Ease of Use

The Shaper Origin is a handheld precision router that’s unlike any other. Unlike other CNC woodworking machines, the Shaper origin has a user-friendly design and form factor that makes it an easy tool to pick up and start using with little-to-no practice required. Unlike other CNC tools, the Shaper Origin is safe, accessible, and intuitive in a way that ensures both professional craftsmen and casual DIYers can use it comfortably.

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It’s all thanks to the simple steps that lie at the core of this tool:

  • Apply the ShaperTape (included with the tool) to the surface you’ll be cutting (this is what allows the device to scan the surface)
  • Use the Shaper’s high-resolution camera to scan the surface (this creates a photographic “map” that the tool will use to guide your cuts)
  • Upload a design you’ve already created (via USB), use ShaperHub to find a design you want, or trace the cuts you want to make directly onto the Shaper’s LCD screen
  • Trace the lines on the Shaper’s screen and let the tool make the cuts you want (the tool will stop itself if you stray outside the map you designed, so you never have to redo a cut)

Professional Quality

Even the most passionate woodworkers will be impressed with the specs of the Shaper Origin CNC machine. It packs industrial-grade power and technology into a compact, workshop-friendly size.

  • 720W brushed AC spindle motor that operates at 10,000 - 26,000 RPMs
  • ¼” collet that accepts all commonly available ¼” shank router bits
  • 43mm (1.7”) of total Z-axis travel
  • Digitally adjustable depth-of-cut
  • Automated touch-off sensor
  • Built-in dust extraction port
  • Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Full-color and multi-touch LCD screen

Portable Precision

CNC routers with a mobile form factor often don’t have the power to pull off the kind of work professionals need. The Shaper Origin CNC machine doesn’t have that problem. This tool weighs less than fifteen pounds, is under 15” from handle-to-handle, and can be easily transported between the workshop and job site.

The Shaper Origin can do things that bigger tools can’t, like “going on-site and making precise cuts anywhere; inlaying a gymnasium floor, wall, or ceiling; or cutting precise openings on a large assembled counter.” It’s a versatile, powerhouse machine that can go with you wherever you go.

The Shaper Origin is one of the best woodworking tools on the market right now. No matter how you want to use it, the machine’s intuitive design and dynamic capabilities make it more than up to the task. If you want to learn more about how the Shaper Origin CNC works, get in touch with us today!

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09 November 2020

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