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The Ultimate Guide to GRK Fasteners for Professional Remodelers

Looking for GRK screws and GRK fasteners? Choosing the correct fasteners for an application can be the difference between a project that stands strong for years to come and one that loosens and falls…

17th May 2022

Conquer the Mess With These Festool Dust Extractor Accessories

Looking for a Festool dust extractor comparison? Festool dust extraction is the best in the business for a reason — and it doesn’t stop with the Festool CTs. You can conquer any mess in the shop with…

12th Apr 2022

Introducing the New Festool Spring 2022 Line-Up - Pre-Order @ ShopUSTF

The Festool Spring 2022 line-up is here! With four new tools to choose from, we have something for everyone's toolbox - whether you need a more precise track saw, a more powerful cordless drill, a…

14th Mar 2022

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01st Mar 2022

Simplify Your Pocket Hole Joinery With the Kreg Pocket Hole Jig 720

Two recent entries into the Kreg pocket hole jig lineup bring next-level efficiency to project workstations. With the KPHJ720 and KPHJ720Pro—both of which benefit from the new Automaxx clamping—Kreg…

08th Feb 2022

Different Types of Festool Power Saws and When to Use Them - Shop USTF

With so many different Festool power saws on the market, it can be overwhelming to try and find the best tools for whatever job you're currently working on. Each type of power saw has its unique…

06th Jan 2022

Festool Announces Phase-out of Vac-Sys Clamping System

Festool announced last week that they would begin a phase-out of the Vac-Sys Clamping System

17th Dec 2021

Compare These 8 Sjöbergs Bench Options From Hobby to Elite

Sjöbergs is the first and last word in top-quality wood workbenches, but that doesn’t mean there are no exciting options for a compact space, tight budget, or simple garage workshop. Here’s your…

14th Dec 2021

Woodworking Made Easy With the Kreg Pocket Hole Jig

Professionals and DIYers alike prefer Kreg Pocket Hole machinery for woodworking joinery. With nothing more than a Kreg Jig, some Kreg Screws, and a drill, you can discover how to use a pocket hole…

02nd Dec 2021

Shaper's 2021 Holiday Deal

SHAPER just announced an exciting deal for the 2021 holiday season where you can pick up over $400 in bonus items for free!

22nd Nov 2021
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