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GRK Fasteners: Spring 2021 Rebates

The GRK Fastener: Spring 2021 Event is here! The more you buy, the more you save!

11th Feb 2021

With Festool’s Launch of Systainer3, It’s Time to Get Organized

The new and improved third generation of the iconic Systainer lineup is something to behold. As of February 1st, 2021, over 40 brand new Systainer3 options and accessories have joined the…

08th Feb 2021

Setting Up Your Shaper Origin Workstation

The Shaper Origin Workstation makes tough workpieces easy. A reusable tape field, adjustable fences, intuitive indexing pins, and more components will streamline benchtop cutting and get you going…

19th Jan 2021

Here's What Customers Say About the SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw

SawStop’s industry-leading combination of durability and safety is truly unique among cabinet saws. Between the cast iron table and the cutting-edge technology powering the blade sensors and…

22nd Dec 2020

How to Decide Between SawStop Professional vs. Contractor Saws

SawStop makes the best table saws for both the home shop and the job site, but each model has its own strengths. If you’ve been comparing the SawStop Professional vs. Contractor models, we’re here…

22nd Dec 2020

An Inside Look at the SkilSaw Worm Drive

The legendary SkilSaw worm drive offers maximum durability and power for rip cuts, plunge cuts, and mitered work on a wide variety of saws. It’s widely praised by contractors, professional…

15th Dec 2020

Breaking Down the Festool Pro Remodeler Pack

Our Festool 205605 Pro Remodeler Pack is a quality collection of Festool products at an attractive bundle price.  This arsenal of cordless tools will make quick work of job site projects for your…

24th Nov 2020

3 Reasons the Shaper Origin is Top-of-Class Among Handheld CNC Routers

The Shaper Origin CNC router is one of the most innovative woodworking machines on the market right now. With its highly intuitive design, powerhouse capabilities, and portability, it’s truly in a…

09th Nov 2020

How the Festool Conturo Delivers the Perfect Edge, On-Site and In-Shop

The Conturo was Festool’s answer to a glaring chasm in the edge bander market: that gap between cheap, handheld edge-banding tools and expensive, industrial-grade stationary edge bander machines.…

05th Nov 2020

Cutting, Sanding, and Scraping With the Fein Cordless MultiMaster Tool

Your favorite Fein MultiMaster tool has gone cordless. But how does it fare with a couple of 2.5 Ah batteries (18 V li-ion) instead of the cord? 

30th Oct 2020