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Black Friday Deals 2019


12.4.2019 NOTE: Some or all of these deals may have expired on 12/2/2019.



28th Nov 2019

USTF 2019 Holiday Shipping Guide

The 2019 Holiday season is upon us, and with it comes hard to decipher shipping schedules from the major carriers. At US Tool and Fastener, we try to make it as easy as possible for you to figure…

26th Nov 2019

2019 Gift Guide


26th Nov 2019

Upgrade Your Festool Tools with TSO Products

Festool’s reputation is unparalleled in the world of craftsman tools. We’ve written in the past about the phenomenal advantages offered by tools like their TS 55 REQ Track Saw and Domino DF 500…

22nd Nov 2019

Save 10% on a CT Dust Extractor or MFT Table with This Festool Discount Package

Are you looking to find the perfect gift for someone who seems to have it all? Does your workshop need a facelift with some of the best power tools and accessories on the market? Then you’re in…

20th Nov 2019

Woodworking Accessories To Take Your Festool Tools to the Next Level

Festool tools are some of the most versatile and trusted products in the business. But even the most successful tools sometimes need a little something “extra.” 

30th Sep 2019

How USTF Can Provide the Local Tool Store Experience You’re Missing

The pros and cons of shopping online are many. While convenient, the online shopping experience can also feel detached and lack the personalization consumers tend to gravitate toward. Thankfully,…

30th Sep 2019

FESTOOL Emerald Edition Tools

In celebration of 20 Years of Innovation in North America, FESTOOL announced on September 17, 2019, that they are launching the Emerald Edition Tools. Shipping on October 21, 2019, these limited…

18th Sep 2019

Festool’s Vecturo OSC 18: The Best Oscillating Multi-Tool of 2019

Don’t settle for an average cordless multi-tool.  The Festool Vecturo OSC 18 is set to become the best oscillating multi-tool—without a cord—on the market.  Here are the features that put it head…

26th Aug 2019

Festool’s AGC 18: The Best Cordless Angle Grinder of 2019

If you’re on the hunt for the best cordless angle grinder that money can buy, rest assured—it’s finally arrived.  With the release of the ACG 18 cordless angle grinder, Festool is set to take the…

26th Aug 2019