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USTF 2-Minute Drill 10.30.2021

The USTF 2-Minute Drill is quick snippets of info like industry news, FAQs, and other pieces of info we've collected over the week. We hope you enjoy it!


09th Nov 2021

USTF 2-Minute Drill 10.21.2021

Introducing the USTF 2-Minute Drill! We've been talking about putting together a newsletter for some time, but have the focus be on things you might find interesting. After all, you get enough sales…

09th Nov 2021

Which Festool Dust Extractor Should I Buy?

Looking for a Festool dust extractor? There's a Festool CT for every job. Whether you're in your home workshop or out on a job site, Festool's dust extractors are reliable, efficient, and fast. Each…

07th Nov 2021

How to Activate SawStop Bypass Mode on All SawStop Saws

Every SawStop is equipped with a sophisticated and powerful brake system that stops the spinning blade in its tracks within milliseconds of contact with your fingers or another body part. It also…

04th Nov 2021

The Top 3 Skilsaw Sawsquatch Models for Timber Framers

Skil circular saws and chainsaws have a well-deserved reputation as elite timber framing saws. The advanced Skil worm drive technology and magnesium construction that define the Skilsaw Sawsquatch…

04th Nov 2021

3 Reasons Professional Woodworkers Prefer The SawStop Table Saw

The award-winning SawStop won "Best Table Saw" Wood Magazine's top 2018 tool in the 3-HP Cabinet Table Saw category. DrillPressView even named it the "Best Cabinet Table Saw for 2019." The SawStop…

13th Oct 2021

Woodworking Accessories To Take Your Festool Tools to the Next Level

Festool tools are some of the most versatile and trusted products in the business. But even the most successful tools sometimes need a little something “extra.” 

15th Sep 2021

How to Save Money with Workbench Nation Rewards

US Tool and Fastener is excited to welcome all of our customers into the completely free-to-join Workbench Nation rewards program! As a member of our Workbench Nation, every purchase you make earns…

23rd Aug 2021

Two NEW TSO Parallel Guide System Sets Are In-Stock Now

The US Tool and Fastener store is introducing two exciting new TSO Parallel Guide (TPG) sets, the TPG-30 and TPG-50, for Festool, Makita, or Triton guide rails (sold separately). Both sets include a…

23rd Aug 2021

We Highly Recommend These 4 SawStop PCS Accessories!

SawStop Professional Cabinet Saws already come loaded with a cutting-edge fence system, cast-iron table, and industry-leading safety technology—among many other features. What more could you want?…

13th Aug 2021
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